You Shouldn't Drink Coffee To Cure A Hangover. Here's Why

It happens to the best — and the worst — of us. A night out and one, or maybe it was four, too many shots at your best friend's party has left you not wanting to leave the confines of your bed. Among the many pains between your pounding head and unsettled stomach, you probably realized you had a hangover and needed some coffee to help ease the horror. But before you reach for that cup of Joe to help get your head and stomach back on track, you may want to think twice. Coffee may actually make you feel worse when you have a hangover.

First, let's consider what causes a hangover to begin with. Of course, you know the answer because you were drinking it all night, but why? According to the Mayo Clinic, a hangover can happen after one drink or many drinks, but the end result is dehydration and an increase in stomach acid that sets off the dreaded nausea and vomiting, both of which, in our experience can contribute to you feeling like you've been hit by a truck. So, how is it that coffee can't help your hangover situation?

Coffee can dehydrate your upset stomach even more

Per the website, Got Purple Tree, coffee could actually make your hangover worse. The site notes that while there have been studies that suggest caffeine can alleviate some of your hangover symptoms, its key ingredient, caffeine, can also cause more stomach irritation and further dehydration, making you feel even worse. Furthermore, it notes that both alcohol and caffeine work as diuretics, which causes you to urinate more and lose more fluids from your body. Additionally, caffeine is known to raise your blood pressure which Got Purple Tree says could compound your hangover headache. Harvard Health also concurs that while coffee is a stimulant and may make you feel a little peppier when you have a hangover, it will further deplete your body of fluids.

So, if coffee isn't the cure all your hangover needs, what will help it? Sadly, there is no real cure for a night of debauchery, only lots of remedies to ease the annoyances that come with it. Harvard Health suggests that if you do find yourself with a hangover, drinking fluids is an important step towards rehydrating your body. We suggest water or an electrolyte-heavy drink (like Gatorade) for such an occasion. Healthline offers eating a little breakfast and getting plenty of sleep to help you recover.