Philadelphia Cream Cheese Is Trolling The PS5 With Its New Cake Kit

You will want to know all about this gaming system that's comparable to the PS5. "The Philly Series 5 is our way of moving at the speed of innovation, and bringing consumers the most delicious gift of the holiday season," says Basak Oguz, marketing director at Philadelphia Cream Cheese (via Ad Age). This kit features the latest in Philly technology. A panoramic curved mold sits atop Ultra HD white chocolate surrounded by a 3D cookie crust filled with five bricks of power mold filling (via Philly Series 5). Kit hardware includes a next-gen baking sheet and springform. Installation of the PS5 is pretty simple. 

Manufacturers suggest you hand wash the pan thoroughly before combining all components: vanilla creme-filled sandwich cookies, butter, Philadelphia Cream Cheese, vanilla, sugar, baker's white chocolate, and eggs. Describing the product in a company statement, "It's the world's most delicious holiday gift and a stunning advancement in cheesecake technology — available for only $4.99."

That's right, this is a holiday PS5 that everyone can afford and enjoy.

The details of the Philly Series 5

Just in case you didn't catch it, this is a spoof — not a five-dollar gaming console. Philadelphia just released a holiday product trolling PlayStation hype, but made sure to add a disclaimer, "The Philly Series 5 is not a video game console, and is not associated with or sponsored by any videogame console manufacturer. However, it does taste way better than a video game console ever could."

But if you want a tasty surprise or a fun way to mess with some gamers in your life, this package should do the trick. The kit comes with everything you need besides eggs and butter and you can order it online. This fun light-hearted prank comes complete with a product-based website that mirrors the user experience of the PlayStation 5 website and is designed to give us holiday smiles. As for the real thing, the newest PlayStation is expected to be one of the hottest gifts this holiday season, and both serious and casual gamers alike are waiting to purchase in anticipation. While officially on sale as of Nov. 12th, the real tech console has been very difficult to obtain (via CNN).

It's worth noting that this year, Philadelphia isn't the only brand to launch wacky merch this season — brands like Hidden Valley, Pizza Hut, and Dunkin' have all launched interesting holiday gift options for you to choose from. So, if you can't get the gaming system, at least you have a cheesecake to provide a tasty distraction during your time on the wait list.