Sam's Club Desserts That Should Be In Your Kitchen Right Now

You know the feeling: It's late afternoon. Or right after dinner. Or maybe the middle of the night. No matter when a sugar craving hits, the only solution is locking taste buds with something sweet and craveable. Sure, you could find a recipe, buy ingredients, break out the bowls and pans, measure, mix, and bake yourself a treat (who doesn't have hours and hours of free time to kill?). You could even shortcut prep and let your slow cooker do the work ... if you can wait that long. Or you could get yourself to the nearest Sam's Club, belly up to an extra-large shopping cart, and give your sweet tooth the shopping spree of a lifetime. 

With so many decadent, delicious options — from classics like cupcakes and cookies to international offerings like macarons and Madeleines to holiday favorites like sweet potato pie and Panettone cake — picking one can be overwhelming. Don't fall into dessert despair or do something drastic, like eating fruit. These five Sam's club treats are the best of the best (according to and guaranteed to give you a major sugar rush.

Sweet Dough Parbaked Cafe Frozen Pretzels

Enjoy the same golden-brown, delicious soft pretzels served at a Sam's Club Cafe without putting on a mask and leaving home. These frozen pretzels bake up hot and fresh in less than five minutes, so you can indulge anytime. One of the most highly ranked desserts among sweet-toothed tasters, 4.9 out of 5 stars, they're a twisted treat not to be missed. One enthusiastic fan even proclaimed "Five stars isn't enough!" (via Sam's Club). Bonus: These mouthwatering pretzels, sold in 60-piece cases, come with DIY salt and cinnamon sugar packets, perfect for satisfying both sweet and savory cravings.

Member's Mark White and Chocolate Cupcakes

It's true that you can get cupcakes just about anywhere, but these tasty white and chocolate bites take the cake. Sold under the Sam's Club house brand, Member's Mark, these decadently frosted, rainbow sprinkled treats are made fresh in-store. Even at a wholesale club known for unbelievable bargains, these cupcakes are a great deal. A box of 30 cupcakes, 15 of each flavor, retails for $13.43 or just 45 cents apiece (via Sam's Club). Thinking of your next birthday celebration or special occasion? Sam's Club members have the option to customize their cupcakes, just be sure to order online or in-store at least 48 hours in advance.

Mini Lemon Bites

If you like your sweets a little on the tart side, luscious Mini Lemon Bites might be your new favorite dessert. These scrumptious, bite-sized cakes feature a thick citrus glaze made from lemon zest and real lemon juice and a finishing drizzle of sweet icing. Along with being a much easier alternative to baking your own lemon dessert, Mini Lemon Bites from Sam's Club boast a much longer shelf life. One box of 32 bites will last up to 30 days, according to the retailer. Keep a stash at your desk for an afternoon pick-me-up, or pair it with coffee for a tasty breakfast treat on the go.

Member's Mark Cookie Tray

Even though you're not throwing a huge get-together (hopefully), that's no reason not to stock up on the good stuff. Member's Mark Cookie Tray is just that: an irresistible assortment of the store's large, daily fresh baked cookies. With 84 cookies in four different flavors, this platter offers something for everyone. Chocoholics will love the decadent Chocolate Chunk and Mini Candy varieties. Nut-lovers can sink their teeth into creamy Macadamia White Chunk, leaving Oatmeal Raisin for ... the health-conscious? Adding to their undeniably sweet appeal is the fact that these cookies are made with high-quality ingredients, like real butter. They also feature couverture, a special chocolate made with extra cocoa butter for a smooth taste and glossy finish, according to the cocoa experts at Santa Barbara Chocolate. Pro tip: Place cookies in the microwave for just-baked taste and texture, and don't forget the milk.

Member's Mark Sampler Cheesecake

Not all cheesecake is created equal, especially when there are seven mind-blowing flavors to choose from. Member's Mark Sampler Cheesecake offers so much dessert variety, it's hard to know where to begin. From classic New York-style to caramel pecan-topped Turtle to luscious White Chocolate Raspberry, no sweet craving will go unsatisfied. Take your Reese's love to a new level with the Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup flavor or satisfy a fruity craving by taking Strawberry Swirl for a spin. Don't worry chocolate lovers, you haven't been forgotten. Decadent Marble and Chocolate Supreme are calling your name. As if the sheer variety wasn't enough, this crowd-pleasing cake platter made with real cream cheese also has the distinction of being Kosher. 

No matter what the occasion, time of day, or size of your sweet tooth, these super Sam's Club confections are certain to satisfy.