Costco Fans Can't Wait To Try These Mini Macadamia Bites

Honolulu Cookie Company, the Hawaiian brand with the pineapple-shaped cookies, has a treat for Costco shoppers. The Instagram account @costco_doesitagain informed its 876,000 followers a few days ago that Costco has Honolulu Cookie's chocolate chip macadamia shortbread cookies in stock. In those few short days, the post has attracted more than 10,000 likes. "I bought 2 and going back for more," Instagram user @maria6011 commented under the @costco_doesitagain post. "So good and so worth the price."

The Instagram post doesn't mention the price for the 16-ounce bags on sale at select Costco stores, but we're confident you will pay less at Costco than you would for the gift boxes available on Honolulu Cookie's website. A box of 18 cookies from the website will cost you $16.95.

One important point @costco_doesitagain was clear about — and we need to mention, too — is that Costco is offering the bite-sized chocolate chip macadamia cookies in select locations only, in Hawaii and Southern California. More than one Instagram user was disappointed to find this out. "Ugh why aren't these in our Costco," @meg.bigley commented. Other Instagrammers found a solution: Ask friends or relatives within shopping distance of the right Costco store to pick up some Honolulu Cookie cookies. @kaylakato tagged a couple friends and said, "Please find and bring during Christmas thanks!!!"

Where can I buy Honolulu Cookie Company cookies if I don't live near a Costco that carries it?

If you don't live in Hawaii or Southern California, you can order the chocolate macadamia cookies online, directly from Honolulu Cookie Company. Its website gives you a lot of options, including cookies in bulk (minimum order of 100) and treats in fancy gift tins or boxes.

Honolulu Cookie makes its shortbread treats in a variety of flavors, including some limited-time-only seasonal choices: white chocolate pumpkin, peppermint macadamia, dark chocolate peppermint macadamia, and white chocolate ginger spice. But a note to cookie lovers with allergies: All Honolulu Cookie varieties are made on shared equipment, so any of them might have traces of coconut, macadamia nut, or soy.

Other than shopping online or going to Costco, people looking for these chocolate chip macadamia cookies can shop at one of Honolulu Cookie Company's own stores, too, which are in Hawaii, Las Vegas, and Guam (several locations are closed currently, due to COVID-19). You can also find Honolulu Cookie products at some Disney, Bloomingdale's, DFS, and Tommy Bahama locations.