The Popular Food Trend Martha Stewart Can't Stand

When it comes to anything related to cooking, entertaining, or decorating, there are few people's opinions we'd trust more than that of Martha Stewart. After all, as a celebrity chef and hostess extraordinaire, she's built an empire on her culinary and design skills, whether it's whipping up the perfect Thanksgiving dinner or turning your home into something emulating your dreamy Pinterest boards. She has published 16 cookbooks, cooked with everyone from Blake Lively to Snoop Dogg, and boasted on Reddit that she can likely bake better than Gordon Ramsay. To sum it up, the woman knows her way around a kitchen.

So when Stewart recently spoke up about one of the food scene's rising trends, we took note. During an interview with the Vancouver Sun, the hostess with the mostess revealed that she's not a fan of the "fad" that is plant-based eating. But the reason why might surprise you.

She says plant-based eating is here to stay

More veggies, less meat: That's Stewart's motto these days. While she isn't fully vegetarian (she tells the Vancouver Sun that she still enjoys the occasional pork chop or chicken breast), she does believe that decreasing the amount of meat we consume would benefit both our bodies and the planet. Not only that, but she thinks that the "trend" of plant-based eating isn't really a trend at all.

"I don't think it's a curiosity. I think it is a definite move toward the future," Stewart told the Vancouver Sun. "I think more and more of us are understanding that, if we became a less meat-consuming people, we would be better off. And many studies are pointing out the fact that this is a more healthy way to live." She's putting her money where her mouth is, too — Stewart, who has started serving meatless options at her own parties, has also released a cookbook full of entirely plant-based recipes back in 2013.