People Can't Stop Talking About This Viral Chick-Fil-A TikTok

TikTok is the gift that keeps on giving. Honestly, where would we be without "envelope eggs" in our lives? Now, the video-sharing platform has answered a question some were too afraid to ever ask: how are Chick-Fil-A's chicken nuggets really made? The original video posted by TikTok user @dxxdxx7 (which has since been deleted but has been shared by many, including user @foodies) reveals the entire process — and the truth might surprise you.

Surely you've heard all the stories and myths about fast food chicken nuggets. You know — pink slime, mechanically separated parts and the like. Logically, you know better than to believe things like that are still going on, but a little reassurance never hurts. No judgment here if you watch @dxxdxx7's video on repeat if it helps you sleep better at night. The video clip follows along as fresh pieces of raw chicken are dipped in milk wash, tossed in a floury "seasoned coater," sifted, then deep-fried to a perfectly crisp-looking golden brown, all without a single drop of pink slime, meat glue, or any other unappetizing concoction. Needless to say, Chick-fil-A fans are thrilled.

Fans are reacting to the realness of Chick-fil-A's chicken nuggets

The viral TikTok video that spilled the tea on how Chick-fil-A's chicken nuggets are really made is being received with total elation from some fans. User @_crystal_avery expressed their relief, saying, "I was afraid this was going to ruin them for me... but it DIDN'T!!" User @3802585768071 proclaimed "Hooray for REAL meat! Love these!" Meanwhile, @lilmom27 confessed, "This is why I love them!!!!"

Other fans jumped on the opportunity to issue a challenge to Chick-fil-A's competitors. User @popajohnjrr1, clearly wondering what's really in McDonald's chicken McNuggets, tagged Mickey D's and wrote, "I dare you to make one of these videos." User @a_martinez72 posed the same request to Burger King. Burger King's chicken nuggets' reputation could use a boost, for sure. Maybe giving fans a peek at their process could do them some good! For now, we'll bask in the wholesome knowledge of why Chick-fil-A's chicken is so delicious and enjoy our nuggets in peace.