This Is The Absolute Best Way To Reheat Burritos

Burritos are delicious. Ground beef, cilantro rice, melted cheese, and a splash of pico de gallo (and guac, of course) all rolled up in an easy-to-eat tortilla shell? Yes, please. But burritos also tend to be one of those meals where our eyes are bigger than our stomachs. Thrillist reports that at Chipotle, for instance, the average burrito contains anywhere from 1,085 to 1,550 calories, depending on your toppings. There's probably a good chance you might end up with some leftovers in the form of a half-eaten burrito. 

When you go to heat up your leftover Mexican deliciousness the next day for lunch, before you open the microwave, stop. According to Bon Appetit, there's a much better way to reheat your burrito that will keep it moist and crispy and prevent it from turning into a mushy (or worse, dried-out) mess in the microwave. Bonus: It requires almost zero effort on your part.

The oven is your best bet

Step away from the microwave. Bon Appetit recommends reheating your burrito at 350 degrees in the oven. Make sure you wrap it in aluminum foil first, too, the experts say. This will keep the tortilla soft, instead of soggy or dry, and will also prevent any toppings that might manage to escape from dirtying up your oven. Invest a little more time, get a much more satisfying result.

How long should you cook it for, though? First For Women recommends about 30 minutes, or until the burrito is heated all the way through. If you don't want to unwrap the burrito to check this, you can use a meat thermometer. The blog says that you'll know your burrito is ready to eat when the internal temperature is 165 degrees Fahrenheit. Pro tip: Remember to use oven mitts to take your leftovers out of the oven — your food is going be hot!