Actors Lifetime Could Have Cast To Play Colonel Sanders In A Recipe For Seduction

What has 15 actors, four settings, two writers, and one plot? 632 Lifetime holiday movies! Okay, so the joke's really about the Hallmark Channel, but close enough. However, it looks like Lifetime may have "won" the battle of holiday movie networks for now, at least when it comes to originality (okay, weirdness): their latest offering is love story based on... a fast food mascot?? No, it's not a tragic tale of Ronald McDonald getting his heart broken by a mysterious trapeze artist, nor a heartwarming story of the Burger King abdicating his fast food throne for love of a commoner (Wendy, perhaps?). Nor is it the doomed romance of a Chick-fil-A cow whose forbidden interspecies love launched a crusade begging the world to "Eat Less Chikin." Instead, we're getting A Recipe for Seduction, the supposedly steamy saga of an heiress helping a pseudo-Kentucky colonel launch his dream restaurant. As Twitter user @Babyl0n96 put it, "Didn't have 'KFC makes a movie' on my 2020 bingo card, but here we are."

The choice of Mario Lopez, an actor most recently seen hosting Macy's first crowd-free Thanksgiving parade (via New York Post) as well as starring in a Saved by the Bell reboot, was an interesting one to play the young Harlan Sanders. But if Lopez isn't the best fit for the Colonel's role, who, then, could have stepped in to wear the white suit?

Other candidates we think could have played the Colonel

Our first thought was, of course, Ryan Reynolds, because who doesn't love Ryan Reynolds? Plus he even looks a little like a young Sanders, at least according to one person on Twitter. We next thought of Nicholas Cage, because, seriously, what role won't that man take? For someone who's the nephew of Francis Ford Coppola, he sure picks some lousy movies to star in. Sadly, however, Cage appears to lack even the slightest trace of business acumen (maybe that explains all the flops) that it would take to convincingly portray such a savvy entrepreneur.

Then we got an idea. An awful idea. We had a wonderful, awful idea! The perfect person to star in a KFC mini-movie would be: Gordon Ramsay! Okay, so he's Scottish and not technically an actor, but the man sure does know his way around a frying pan. Plus he's just plain entertaining –- think of the epic meltdown he'd have if someone dared to make the secret recipe chicken with just 10 herbs and spices! We get that it's too late to remake things now, but Lifetime Channel, all we really want for Christmas next year is A Very Gordon Holiday Movie.