Aldi Shoppers Find This Scented Candle Absolutely Disgusting

There are businesses that have been taking a hit in 2020, and then there's Aldi. The German discount store chain has been able to thrive in the current world situation by using all their tricks to make you spend more money, and keeping their prices low by avoiding expenses such as in-store butchers. Of course, the penny-pinching strategy Aldi has adapted means that the company's products are sometimes a little bit hit-and-miss. While their in-house products tend to be high quality, customers have been known to criticize the occasional dishwashing liquid or trash bag.

Scented candles are a popular gift, so it's no surprise that Aldi has their own in-house version of the old holiday favorite. However, people have pointed out that one particular Aldi scented candle falls in the "less than pleasant" category, to say the least. Let's take a look at the scented candle that some Aldi shoppers find absolutely disgusting.

Shoppers think Aldi's Huntington Home It's Snow Joke candle is a bit much

According to Aldi shoppers, one particular winter-themed candle sold under the chain's Huntington Home household products banner is indeed scented — but the scent in question leaves a lot to be desired.  

In a recent Reddit discussion, Redditor u/accountant-gilmore didn't mince words about the Huntington Home It's Snow Joke scented candle, which is one of the four seasonal Punderful Candles Aldi sells. "I smelled this in the store and literally gagged," they wrote. "This is by far the nastiest candle I have ever smelled. Be careful out there." Several other users agree with the sentiment, and one noted that the candle's aroma "basically smells kind of like a cheap floor cleaner solution." Some think this also applies to the other scents in the Punderful Candle series — Fizz the Season, Let's Get Fir Real, and Sleigh All Day. As user u/josephinemarie puts it: "It's snow joke that this candle and that set smelled HORRIBLE, I gagged when I smelled all of them."

All in all, it would appear that many Aldi shoppers feel that the scent of It's Snow Joke and the other Huntington Home Punderful Candles tickle their nostrils in a pretty unfortunate way.