The Surprising Christmas Food That 10% Of People Would Never Eat Again

From giving gifts to decorating the tree, the holidays are full of fun traditions. But arguably one of the best is the food. Whether it's dozens upon dozens of fresh-baked cookies or Mom's famous Christmas morning French toast casserole, there's no shortage of delicious treats this time of year. Many of us also look forward to sitting down for a holiday feast with our loved ones, which features a spread of all things sweet and savory.

Not everything on the Christmas dinner table has people asking for seconds, however. In fact, there are a few things that some people say they would never eat again (or, as the Grinch would say, they wouldn't touch with a 10-foot pole). Mashed surveyed 656 people on the one classic Christmas dish they would give up forever if they had to. The options included ham, fruitcake, eggnog, candy canes, peppermint bark, cookies, and yule log. While fruitcake was by far the most-hated (with 35 percent of people choosing it as the one they'd gladly never eat again), one of the other foods received a shocking 10 percent of the votes. 

Baked ham isn't exactly the star of the show

According to Mashed's poll, nearly 10 percent of respondents would give up ham over all of the other classic holiday foods if they had to choose. It's often the main course of a Christmas feast, and it's a tradition that's been around for centuries. As WFLA reports, it originally started in Germany when pagans sacrificed a wild boar on Christmas to the god of fertility. It later became adapted to ham in English traditions, and ever since, has been a staple in American holiday celebrations. While many people would give it up, ham is still a popular dish — according to Evermore Farm, Americans purchase about 318 million pounds of ham during the Christmas season.

As for how the other dishes fared? About 20 percent of people would give up eggnog, while 11 percent would give up candy canes, and 12 percent would stay away from peppermint bark. Yule log received 7 percent of the votes and, not surprisingly, cookies came in last, as the least likely to be given up, with just 4 percent of votes. We'll take cookies over ham any day, too.