Here's How You Can Watch Every Season Of The Naked Chef

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Do you remember how Jamie Oliver got his television start on his show The Naked Chef? Oliver was just a kid back in 1999 when the BBC aired the first episodes. In the very first scene of that first show, Oliver set our expectations when he told us what he cooked in his restaurant was very different from what he cooked at home. He noted in the opening that it has to be simple and it has to be tasty.

Per IMDb, the beauty of The Naked Chef centered on Oliver focusing the show on a single ingredient, breaking recipes down to their basic ingredients, and using fruits, herbs, and vegetables from his own garden. One of our favorite episodes was when Oliver made dinner for his sister's hen party. That lemon and lime cream tart still has our taste buds popping.

According to Good Housekeeping, when speaking at the World Economic Summit in Davos in 2017, Oliver shared that, "Back in the day 20 years ago my job was about disrupting TV cookery." And that he did, making cooking a thing that men could do too. Oliver further explained, "In the early days it was joyful — my only job was to prove that cooking wasn't for girls, it got you girls."

So, how can you watch the Naked Chef if you are pining for Oliver's early cooking days?

There's a way to watch 'Naked Chef' episodes for free

While streaming services are generally our friend when we want to find a show from years past to re-watch, sadly, the Naked Chef and its three seasons are no where to be found on the mainstream services where we can find series like The Pioneer Woman. But if you loved the minimalist approach of Jamie Oliver in the Naked Chef and you want to watch all 24 episodes of the show, you do have a couple of options.

First, you can buy the DVD on Amazon. It is kind of pricey (with available prices ranging from $39.98 to $124.98), but you can always make it an early or late birthday gift to yourself or the aspiring male chef in your life. However, there is another way to take in the genius simplicity Oliver serves up. With a bit of googling, you can find some, if not all episodes, from all three seasons on YouTube and watch for free. The quality of the video is not the best, but free is definitely the kind of simplicity we like.