The Internet Can't Get Over This TikToker Who Rinsed Cooked Ground Beef

There are plenty of hacks available online that promise to make cooking with ground beef a lot easier and well, more fun. For example, My Recipes explains that you can use a potato masher to make beef crumbles with the help of a skillet. The tool lets you play around with the meat until you're perfectly satisfied with the results.

Or remember that instant pot that you have lying around? Well, you can use it to cook your meat without fretting over thawing it. All you need to do is put ground beef in an instant pot with some water and cook your meat for around 22 minutes and voila! You'll have thawed meat that's perfect for a quick dinner. You may need to spend a little extra time sautéing your dish but hey, it's still totally worth it.

In fun news, a TikTok user recently tried out a ground beef hack in order to prepare a dish that could be relatively healthy and yet, totally yummy. How did that turn out? Um...not exactly as planned. The viral video led to a lot of reactions online from intrigued and amused viewers who had plenty to say. Read on for the lowdown.

The tip introduced the idea of rinsing ground beef

Basically, the TikTok user opted for a hack that involved rinsing ground beef. According to Cosmopolitan, she proceeded to talk about a hack that she picked up from a nutrition class and used a strainer to rinse the meat for some time in her sink. And, in doing so, she completely got rid of the grease. She called the grease "disgusting" and advised her viewers to do away with all of it.

This is not the best idea because rinsing your beef like that is guaranteed to produce unsavory results with meat that's extremely dry. While the video did go viral, folks have been left scratching their heads. Many viewers took to Twitter to share their thoughts on this hack. A Twitter user wrote, "All the spit in my mouth dried up at once at the thought of that flavorless mess." Ouch.

Plus, as pointed out by Insider, this hack can even possibly damage your sink by clogging up your plumbing. Adding to this, Michelin-star chef Brad Carter from Carters of Moseley told Insider that this trick would really work against your dish's flavors, too. He said, "It's a real, real no-no for me. I would never, ever wash the meat." So, in short — definitely avoid this Tiktok hack.