This McDonald's 'Hack' Has People Gagging

A popular fast-food trend on TikTok this year has been the Chick-fil-A "nugget salad" hack. The videos show people combining Chick-fil-A's waffle fries and chicken nuggets in a to-go salad bowl, adding some combination of Chick-fil-A sauces, and shaking. These videos, often tagged with #chickfilahacks, have been viewed millions of times and have been going strong on TikTok since January.

But when TikTok user @mydailyrecipes went with a McDonald's version of the hack, a lot of people weren't feeling it. Sure, her TikTok has been viewed 3.7 million times, making it the most-watched video among all those currently up on @mydrailrecipes' TikTok page. But her McNugget salad hack sure had a lot of critics in the comments.

In the video, @mydailyrecipes dumps a large order of McDonalds french fries and 10 nuggets into a plastic salad bowl. Then she squeezes on generous amounts of rach and buffalo sauces, closes the lid, and shakes. She then opens the lid for the reveal: a mish-mash of McNuggets and fries bathed in a pinkish-white sauce.

Count TikTok user @only1jadiepie among those who were not having it. "It's a no from me coz it's the soggy fries for me, but glad you enjoyed it. #keeping it positive." Same with @mandingo71: "And by the time all this is done it's cold. Actually, it's cold when u pick it up."

This McDonald's hack only works if you like wet fries

The McDonald's nugget salad hack, originally posted September 2, got new life on December 20, when it was reposted on Instagram by the ASMR-repost account asmr_cr. ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. Beyond that, don't worry about it. Literally, you either get it, or you don't.

You'll find a lot of the green sick-face and vomit emojis in the comments under the new Instagram post. "French fries will get wet and will not be tasty," @aylinochka_ said. "Congrats," said 904_clayton, with sarcasm. "You ruined one of life's simple pleasures." Clayton didn't specify which of the four ingredients qualified as a "simple pleasure." Suffice to say, all four combined were not for him.

As if to make up for her failure in her nugget salad hack, the original TikToker tried again with a new McDonald's hack, posted to TikTok on September 18. To be honest, it wasn't very adventurous but did look tasty enough: one medium vanilla shake, one shot of espresso, and mix. It's been viewed nearly half a million times. But even such a "vanilla" post got a little bit of pushback. "I would do that but all the McDonalds' in Michigan ice cream machines don't work, apparently," TikToker Skyla Buhro commented.