Why Some Costco Shoppers Are Scoffing At This Spaghetti Squash

Costco sure can spark a conversation amongst consumers. Take this post by Instagrammer @costco_doesitagain, captioned: "Whole #organic spaghetti squash! Just add water and cook!"(via Instagram). The product, by band Solely, offers a spaghetti alternative that's not only gluten-free and keto-friendly but just 30 calories per serving. So what's the catch?

Well, the product only contains one ingredient (spaghetti squash), and yet the 4 oz package costs $8.99. This rubbed some the wrong way since it's so much more expensive than cooking a squash from scratch. One commenter wrote: "4oz for $8.99?!? LMAO," to which another person replied: "you can get a whole squash for like $2 and it'll be 10 x more than this tiny ass package" and yet another pointed out: "People are either crazy, lazy or both!" However, it wasn't just the cost that commenters took issue with. Others pointed out that the product "seems wasteful considering spaghetti squash is incredibly easy to prepare." One person even posted instructions on how to microwave a spaghetti squash to drive home that this product is pointless. Of course, other Costco shoppers had a different take.

Why some shoppers are stoked about this spaghetti squash pasta

Cooking spaghetti squash from scratch may be cheaper and less wasteful, however for some the convenience is worth the cost. One commenter called the veggie pasta a "game changer," another asked: "where has this been all my keto life?" and a third claimed: "It's so good!" 

The price might sting, especially at Costco where six 17.6oz bags of Garofalo Organic Pasta costs just $10.49, but for those who eat a gluten-free or keto diet, it can be worthwhile to have some quick options like this in the pantry, ready to go (via Costco). After all, roasting a whole squash in the oven can take up to 45 minutes, but this version is ready to eat in just five, and it won't go bad if you forget to cook it in time (via Business Wire). Despite the dissenting opinions, the majority of the comments on @costco_doesitagain's post seem willing to pay a little more for this shelf-stable version of spaghetti squash, either tagging friends who might be interested or making plans to pick the product upon their next Costco run.