Why Food Gives Guy Fieri Hope For The Future

Celebrity chef Guy Fieri is a popular figure for a reason. The TV star is not just an accomplished chef, he's also a philanthropist who doesn't hesitate to do his bit for society (via Delish). Consider this: in 2017, when wildfires ravaged Santa Rosa, California, Fieri made himself available — immediately. He went there himself and worked from a cooking trailer, preparing pork for volunteers as well as evacuees in a bid to help them out during the crisis.

As the world battles the pandemic, Fieri has remained optimistic and pragmatic, talking about getting through the crisis and clinging onto hope by helping out others in the food industry. For Fieri, food is his entire life and it's something that he's quite open about. In a recent interview with Grubstreet, the chef spoke about why food keeps him going and makes him feel hopeful when nothing else does. Read on to know more.

Guy Fieri believes food really brings people together

As Fieri told Grubstreet, he reckons that something like a good meal is a unifier. He implied that its power shouldn't be underestimated. "Not everybody likes the same sports or the same politics, but everybody likes food," he said in the interview. And he's not wrong; it's easy to start a conversation about your comfort food, swap recipes with strangers online, or share your nuggets of wisdom from the kitchen with others.

Fieri believes food can bring people together, no matter whether they're from. "Food is the great amalgamator," he said. "Whether it's Thai, Ethiopian, Hawaiian, Chinese, German, Swedish, Danish, Italian, Greek, Sicilian, Spanish, Moroccan, Cuban, Dominican, Afghan, Israeli, or Guatemalan." And while this pandemic has separated many of us in a variety of different ways — including sharing favorite dishes — Fieri believes it's temporary. And despite its grip on the world, the power of food and its potential to help people bond is going to remain a permanent fixture in our lives, according to the chef. We can't disagree with that one.