The Subway Sandwich That Was Voted The Most Delicious Of All

If you're a regular Subway customer, chances are you have a go-to sandwich. But have you ever wondered whether your favorite Subway order is also popular among the masses? Or maybe your tastes are out of the ordinary. Like when you walk in and order the "BMT," which ordinarily is the "Big, Meaty, Tasty," you want a six-inch with bacon, marinara, and tuna.

Mashed conducted a survey to answer that very question: What is the most delicious Subway sandwich? The actual BMT rated fairly high in our survey, which got 656 responses overall. The bacon-marinara-tuna, however, didn't make the cut. If that is your favorite, you've definitely carved your own niche in the Subway community.

The types of sandwiches available at Subway can vary by location, and definitely by country. All told, there are more than 37 million possible Subway sandwich orders in the 100-plus countries where you can find the restaurant chain (via QSR). No need to feel overwhelmed, however. The standard online menu for the U.S. lists 13 sandwiches. That said, given all the possible variations in a Subway order, it makes sense that more than 12 percent of people responding to our survey went off the grid and had to be classified under "other." Let's take a closer look at our survey results, including the most delicious Subway sandwich of all.

The most delicious Subway sandwich won by a landslide

The Mashed survey specifically asked people to name the most delicious Subway sandwich. It might be interesting to see how popular opinion, as reflected in our survey, matched up with the opinions of the critics at Sweety High, who in 2019 also ranked Subway sandwiches based on deliciousness. They had 16 sandwiches to choose from, so Subway's menu must have been a little more expansive that year. The spicy Italian came in first at Sweety High, followed by the turkey and the American club, which comes with bacon.

The top sandwich in our survey won by a landslide. Subway's sweet onion chicken teriyaki got 22.71 percent of the total vote. The next most popular sandwiches in our survey only got 14.33 percent of the vote. Second place turned out to be a tie between the Subway club and the steak and cheese. Unlike the American club, the Subway club doesn't come with bacon, so the reviewers at Sweety High had it in sixth place. The sweet onion chicken teriyaki got a rave review at Sweety High for its Asian-style flavor and uniqueness, but it landed in fifth place overall.

Rounding out our list of the seven Subway sandwiches that made the cut are meatball marinara (12.96 percent), tuna (11.89 percent), the BMT (7.62 percent), and the Subway melt (3.96 percent).