These Mason Jars From Aldi Are Perfect For Meal Prep

Sometimes life is so much easier when you can simply pull something great to eat straight out of the fridge without any hassle or need to cook. The only thing easier than the meal prep itself is finding a container that's easy to transport, durable, and safe to use for food storage thanks to Aldi. According to fan accounts on Instagram, the budget-friendly grocery store has rolled out new Crofton Prep & Go Jars that are mason jars. Both @AldiMadeMeDoIt and @TheAmazingAldi spotted the jars on their stores' shelves and shared it with their followers.

The Amazing Aldi was the first to share the latest Aldi find with a post on January 8, while Aldi Made Me Do It posted a day later on January 9. One detail that's easy to see from the jars' packaging in the photo on The Amazing Aldi is that these jars have a separate container that sits in the top of the jar so you can include a dressing, dip, or additional ingredients without having it mix with the bulk of the food in the jar. Best of all, the caption read, "love these prep and go jars, $4.99." So, Aldi customers will be able to pick up a few of these new meal prep jars at a low price.

Here's how customers plan to use them

When Aldi Made Me Do It shared the post of these mason jars, the caption read, "the cutest mason jars to take salad or even yogurt to go! (Swipe to the next photo to see what comes in it) I needed one!!! Especially for $4.99! What do you plan to use yours for?!" People were quick to respond with recipe ideas as well as to tag interested friends or even brag about how many sets they had already picked up. One commenter said, "I picked one up. Perfect for overnight oats or salad in a jar." Another wrote, "I got two of them. I'm so excited!!! They were only 3.99 at my Aldi!" One user said, "I need it for overnight oats and chia seed pudding." Another said that they "love these for yogurt and salads!"

More followers chimed in on the post from The Amazing Aldi. One person simply wrote, "these are the best." Another tagged a friend and asked, "if you see these before me grab me one!!!" Finally, a commenter tagged a friend and said, "I know you bought some already but they are cheap if you need more!" At a price of four to five dollars, it's easy to understand the sentiment. Keep your eyes open at your local Aldi and grab some of these when you see them.