What Armie Hammer Typically Eats In A Day

Poor Armie Hammer. He was once best known as an actor who became a household name long before his acting career ever took off ... a household cleaning product name, at least. And it turns out that's no accident, since his great-grandfather was Armand Hammer, although the name on that yellow baking soda box in nearly everybody's pantry was established before Great Grandfather was born. Great-grandpops was practically a billionaire by the time he died, so needless to say Armie's been living on the sunny side of the street his entire life, even before the whole movie stardom thing.

Lately, however, this poor little rich boy has been in the news more for his peculiar dietary habits than any upcoming movie roles (which, in fact, he no longer has any of at present). It seems that some of his alleged DMs leaked out and ... let's just say, these make Armie seem like a kinkier, if less murder-y version of Hannibal Lecter. Ummm, okay, so quarantine was rough on everyone, and breaking up isn't easy, we know, but resorting to cannibalism does seem a bit extreme. Still, man (and definitely not woman) can't live on human flesh alone, and Armie Hammer does have a few more socially acceptable dining choices.

Armie's really into meat

While Armie might have preferred that some of his food preferences remained private, he used to post a lot of his meals on Instagram, and quite a few of these seemed to revolve around one thing: red meat, and lots of it. There's this camping grill full of meat, these raw steaks, and this video of him preparing "40 day dry aged ribeyes brushed with garlic and rosemary butter."

It seems Armie really does likes his meat on the not-so-well-done side, too — he captioned one Instagram shot of what appears to be steak tartare with "My Italian is obviously a little rusty because they just brought me a raw steak.... definitely gonna eat it." Nor does he appear to share any concerns whatsoever of possible health risks associated with his diet. Another Instagram shot of what appears to be the remnants of a restaurant filet mignon was accompanied by the words "So you're gonna sit here and try to tell me there's a disease you can get from eating too much red meat and I haven't gotten it yet....? Wtf." (Dude, that's probably the least of your problems at this point.)

He likes chicken and fish, too

While red meat may be Armie's go-to foodstuff (well, one of them, at any rate), he's also fond of lighter shades of meat, as well. In one food Instagram post he shares "Three different kinds of cedar plank smoked salmon because why not... 1) jalapeño, onion and lime juice, 2) seasoned, 3) ground ginger and honey with sea salt," while in another he attempts (successfully) to incite jealousy by showing off his "Dinner tonight: maple plank smoked salmon with leek and crushed garlic on top." While he seems fond of grilling fish at home (it is, after all, the manliest of cooking methods), when he goes out he's willing to venture even farther afield — one Instagram shot shows him dining on uni in Albuquerque.

Nor does Armie pass up the chance to eat chicken, as still another photo shows a gorgeous smoked chicken on a wooden plank (he seems to like staging his food shots in the hipsteriest possible way) captioned "I'm going to try to eat this whole damn thing. " It seems our Armie has quite the hearty appetite ... but then, we already knew that, didn't we?

He does mix in a few veggies from time to time

Armie's not so much a meat-and-potatoes guy as he is a meat-and-more-meat guy. Still, it seems he has been known to consume a vegetable or two on occasion. In a shot of him with another cedar plank salmon, the fish is topped with onions and peppers and is accompanied by asparagus (bacon-wrapped, of course). Asparagus also had a cameo in one of those earlier red meat shots, although it did get a shout-out in the Instagram caption: "My doctor told me to watch my cholesterol so I added asparagus to my bacon."

Such a healthy guy is Armie that he even puts arugula on his pizza –- for breakfast, at least, and perhaps only in Italy. Another Italian breakfast he posted, though, shows him returning to form with a large plate of sausage as well as cheese and a few boiled eggs with not a veggie in sight.

He's not afraid of a carb or two

While it may seem that with such a meat-heavy diet, Hammer must be following some sort of keto routine, he does seem to permit himself the occasional carb like that aforementioned Italian pizza. He and his estranged wife do co-own the Texas-based BIRD Bakery, after all, and Armie has posted a whole bunch of pics of their bakery's products like a soup and sandwich combo and chocolate chip cookies. He also seems to eat, or at least order, baked goods from other venues, as well –- checking out the competition, perhaps? At Disneyland he had a Mickey Mouse-shaped Rice Krispies treat, while at a dinner sponsored by The Hollywood Reporter he evidently chowed down on chocolate cake sans fork.

Armie gets his carbs in other forms, too. In London he went out for a pint with the lads, while at home he may have indulged in some Baileys Strawberries & Cream. He even took a selfie while sick in bed, at which time he was dining elegantly upon Pedialyte, soup, and crackers. (Guess his wife did not kick him out of bed for eating crackers.)

He gets junk food cravings, too

While not all of Hammer's culinary adventures are all that relatable, still, he does sometimes dine off the same stuff the rest of us enjoy. He's posted to Instagram not one but two shots of Coney I-Lander, a hot dog chain in the Tulsa area. In the first post, he claimed he was picking up hot dogs for his "gramma," while in the second he asked the rhetorical question, "is it even a post thanksgiving road trip if you don't drive 4.5 hours out of the way to bring your grandpa his favorite meal?" What are the chances, though, that he didn't get a hot dog for himself, as well?

He also posted a shot of Taco Bell, saying "don't judge me," and expressing a preference for Fire Sauce. While one commenter felt compelled to weigh in with "The best tacos are in Mexico Sir," they were obviously missing the point. This obscenely wealthy globetrotting movie star foodie can have any tacos he wants, and has probably tried them all, but sometimes only Doritos Locos will do.

Armie's Man from U.N.C.L.E. diet made his wife cry uncle

While he generally tries to stay fighting fit for his movie roles, on one occasion Hammer had to go a little above and beyond the call of duty. According to Pakistani newspaper The Nation, when he was preparing for his role in The Man from U.N.C.L.E. he had to adhere to a weird diet dreamed up by director Guy Ritchie. Ritchie, it seems, was on some kind of bizarre fitness kick that one source claimed was a holdover from his marriage to Madonna. Not sure quite how healthy the diet he prescribed for Armie was, but it was definitely odd: eggs, chicken, and caviar. It seems that this high-protein diet had one very unfortunate consequence: it gave Armie a fierce case of flatulence. His tooting was so terrible that it nearly drove his wife away (either that, or she couldn't take one more "pull my finger"), although she did manage to hold her nose and hang in for a few more years. (Maybe the couple could have used some of Armand Hammer senior's product for its odor-killing properties.)

As to what Armie's post-breakup diet will consist of, he's yet to post pics. We do, however, have a recommendation for him. Perhaps he might enjoy a nice cannibal sandwich ... accompanied, of course, by fava beans and a nice Chianti.