The Bizarre Mac And Cheese Flavor Kraft Wants You To Eat On Valentine's Day

It takes a lot to garner attention in the food space these days, especially when you consider that 30,000 new products hit the market annually — enough to fill an entire grocery store with new stuff (via Neilson). But Kraft is no stranger to the category and the company is launching a limited-edition, Valentine's Day themed macaroni and cheese that will definitely turn heads, per Best Products. And it just might make you blush. 

It appears Kraft has inserted candy flavor packets into its cherished cheesy noodles — a sweet addition that also turns the pasta pink. This unique blend of sweet and savory is perfect for this year's lovebirds, but only if you're lucky. Kraft first introduced its boxed macaroni and cheese in 1937, when America was deep into the Great Depression. The quick-and-easy product served four people for a remarkable 19 cents, so it's no surprise the company sold eight million boxes in one year (via Smithsonian Magazine). Jump ahead to 2021, and Kraft is still finding ways to make us swoon.

How to get your hands on Kraft's pink mac and cheese

Valentine's Day is certainly a retailer's dream as total spending reached over $27 billion last year (via National Retail Federation). And when it comes to dining out, the average cost for two sweethearts on the romantic holiday is over $55 in the U.S. (via USA Today). But what if you could stay home and whip up a sweet box of creamy mac and cheese?

To celebrate Valentine's Day 2021, The Kraft Heinz Company is giving away 1,000 packages of its dreamy Candy Kraft Mac & Cheese kits, a giveaway reportedly valued at $2,500 (via Fox News). If you are least 18 years old and live in the U.S., you can enter online, free of charge. But don't delay, the deadline to enter is Feb. 8 at 12 P.M. central. If you're one of the lucky winners, your package will arrive by Valentine's Day, just in time to add a little cheesy sweetness to that romantic dinner for two.