Trader Joe's Fans Are Freaking Out About These New Chocolate Drizzled Plantain Chips

For loyal Trader Joe's shoppers, the relationship is still going strong, in fact, it's probably at a stage 5 clinger level strong thanks in large part to its mouth-watering desserts. It's possible that taking a stroll down Trader Joe's aisles is akin to those days we'd walk around a mall just looking for something to spend our money on. But at Trader Joe's, one of the best grocery stores in the U.S., according to Eating Well, the leisure shopping experience goes far beyond that. 

While Trader Joe's keeps drawing people in for their awesome customer service and deals, there's no doubt that their exclusive popular products are also a major reason why. Home to thousands of products that have forever altered our standards when it comes to everything from soy chorizo to peanut satay noodles, Trader Joe's has now also upped our chip game with its debut of dark chocolate drizzled plantain chips that are taking social media by storm (via Instagram).

The perfect chip doesn't exist...or does it?

"Definitely adding these to the list for my next Trader Joe's run," commented an Instagram user ready to try these chips out, and we don't blame them for being anxious to do so! Sprinkled with sea salt, these plantain chips are sure to sell out in a moment's notice!

"The plantain to dark chocolate ratio is spot on favoring the dark chocolate," wrote @traderjoeslist, who uploaded a video eating these chips and added that there's also "no rude banana flavor" in these crunchy chocolate drizzled chips.

"10! I was just at my TJs...wish I'd seen these!" wrote another excited Instagram user. "I sent a screenshot of this to my mom and she lost her mind," commented @laughatmyfood.

Although these plantain chips contain dairy, wheat, soy, and nut ingredients (via Instagram), don't let that stop you from eating a chip or two (if you can stop yourself) if your diet permits, of course. Coming in at 150 calories per serving, and a serving size of half a cup, these chocolatey delights have 4g of sugar!

With all the excellent commentary from excited shoppers ready to try these plantain chips, it looks like Trader Joe's better get ready to re-stock those shelves!