One Of Cincinnati's Favorite Snacks Is About To Be Discontinued

There's something to be said about food brands that you recognize and can rely on everywhere. Still, wherever you go, locals are likely to have a greater affinity for their own neighborhood brand. Sure, McDonald's may sell more food in the area, but burger aficionados are always going to place greater sentimental value on the local chain that people from other states have barely heard of, or even just that one mom-and-pop diner joint that they swear makes the best cheeseburgers in the entire world. The same thing applies to snacks. Sure, you can get Doritos or Lay's on every street corner — but doesn't your town or state have that one local brand that's clearly superior? 

These beloved and iconic brands can be an important part of the local identity. On the other hand, they're also much smaller operators than the big boys, and as such, they're far more susceptible to the whims of the market. Unfortunately, the good people of Cincinnati, Ohio are now experiencing this downside in the worst possible way, because one of the area's favorite snacks is about to be discontinued: Husman's snack foods.

Husman's potato chips are going away for good

Soon, a Cincinnati food icon will be no more. According to The Cincinnati Enquirer, Utz Quality Foods acquired Husman's snacks in 2019 and has now decided to discontinue the classic line. Over the last 15 years, "the Husman's brand has been steadily declining in what is an extremely competitive snack food category," a spokesperson for Utz said. "After considering retailer feedback and consumer demand, we recently made the difficult decision to discontinue the Husman's brand."

This is, of course, a blow to the area's food scene. Husman's is a truly iconic Cincinnati success story that started in 1919, when young Harry Husman started making chips in his home and selling them to locals. According to the brand's website, he had noticed that Cincinnati vendors were suffering a chronic potato chips shortage, and established the Husman Potato Products Company in order to provide a local and reliable supply chain. Over the years, the homegrown company grew into a massive operation, and while locals can still rely on their famous Cincinnati chili, it's a sad day in Cincinnati history when the last bag of Husman's is sold. It's time to say goodbye to the Honey Bar-B-Q potato chips and the Salted Caramel Puff-n-Bites.