Chrissy Teigen Shares How She Really Feels Without Wine

If we really want to know how Chrissy Teigen feels about anything at all, all we need to do is check her Twitter feed. She's never been shy when it comes to sharing about absolutely everything going on in her life with fans or the media, be it the heartbreaking tragedy of a miscarriage, the frustrations that come with parenting, the mom-shaming you get when you use baby formula, or the boredom that can lead to ranking Girl Scout cookies (and finding them all lacking in some form or other).

Lately, Teigen has been filling fans in on her struggles with sobriety. Not for the first time, Teigen is attempting to dry out, having gone through a similar situation a few years back when she realized that booze + pospartum depression = bad, bad things. Wine, it seems, has always been her drug of choice, and she is honest about admitting to having mixed emotions about livin' la vida sobria.

Teigen's tweet struck a chord with others who feel the same way

A recent tweet found Teigen confessing "I don't miss the taste of wine. I miss the feeling. I'm hyper and anxious now." She went on to add, though, "Don't miss the feeling after. Overall: extremely happy lol." Fans were both supportive and sympathetic, with one acknowledging a similar experience: "Same sister! I haven't had alcohol for over a year. It's a bittersweet feeling."

While another wine-related Teigen tweet sparked some furor over a meant-to-be-humorous anecdote where she accidentally ordered a $13,000 bottle (note to celebs: anything remotely resembling conspicuous consumption won't go over too well just now), this tweet reached a very receptive audience, particularly with other women also traveling down the rocky road to sobriety. Some offered tips to help Teigen out (herbal supplements, exercise, organizing the spice cabinet), while others acclaimed her truth-telling. 

While not everything about Teigen's life is really relatable (beauty, fame, wealth, all that stuff), her outspoken nature combined with her wanting to do the right thing continues to make her a role model for many. As one fan told Teigen, "This thread is so helpful to those of us on a journey of not drinking. Ur not alone."