People Are Loving Michelob Ultra's Super Bowl Commercial

In a year in which happiness is in shorter supply than usual, Michelob Ultra's Super Bowl commercial is truly bringing the joy, and people are absolutely loving the heck out of it. The epic ad begins with the sound of deafening applause and a visual of tennis legend Serena Williams savoring triumph in a moment of pure, unadulterated bliss. It then proceeds to show us a dizzying array of other exceptionally attractive pro-athletes in some of their most iconic moments of victory — all as the lilting tune of A Tribe Called Quest's "Can I Kick It" thrums in the background (and by the way, here's why that song sounds so familiar). 

But just when we thought it couldn't get any better, we suddenly realize that we're no longer just watching sports stars do what we think they do best (i.e. winning). We're actually watching them do the thing that we find ourselves realizing is, in fact, the best thing of all. They're having fun! They're feeling happy! They're playing games for the fun of it and loving every second!

What's not to love about gorgeous sports stars having raucous but innocent fun?

Michelob Ultra's 60-second Super Bowl spot is aptly called "Happy," and it just may be the ultimate crowd pleaser we all needed right about now. It includes a montage of gorgeous professional athletes, grinning wildly as they kick it with their friends and families. Then Michelob Ultra commercial poses an interesting question during the ad: "Are you happy because you win or do you win because you're happy?" 

Offering a brief respite from the high-stakes Super Bowl, Michelob Ultra's joyful commercial offers scenes of Serena Williams singing karaoke and dancing with her girlfriends, basketball star Anthony Davis, playing a rousing round of chess with his dad and wearing the biggest grin imaginable, and Peyton Manning, wearing a baseball hat and throwing darts and downing brews with his buds. And those are just a few of the sports celebs we know and love doing what they know and love — but which doesn't happen to be the sport they're famous for. The ad ends with the quote, "It's only worth it if you enjoy it." 

Fans of the commercial took to Twitter, with one writing, "Enjoying myself along the way, always! #JoyWins." Another user added, "loved that commercial! If you don't have Joy on the journey, the victory won't be as sweet." Whether or not we love low-cal beer, we've officially been won over with this ad. And it's joyous.