Aldi Shoppers Are Raving About These New Moser Roth Chocolate Flavors

Avid Aldi shoppers have probably already heard about how good the budget-friendly store's chocolate selection is. Fans were going crazy for the Belgian truffles for a time. But now the store has release a slew of new Moser Roth chocolate bar flavors, and everyone is excited. No matter your chocolate preference — white, milk, or dark — there are options you'll definitely want to try.

Fortunately, @AldiFavoriteFinds shared the new flavors on Instagram. The caption read: "Double tap if you love Moser Roth Chocolate! Three new flavors hit shelves this week including Dark Roasted Hazelnut, Dark Cranberry, and White Vanilla. Which ones do you want to try? I have tried them all and the Dark cranberry is my favorite." Within a day, the post received more than 1,000 likes.

There are 12 new flavors from Moser Roth Privat Chocolatiers in total, so try to hang on. The first is vanilla-flavored white chocolate followed by milk extra creamy and toffee crunch. Next up, were the many flavors of dark chocolate. These include dark cranberry, dark orange almond, dark mint, dark roasted hazelnut, dark chili, dark sea salt, and dark sea salt caramel. Finally, there are two darker chocolates including 70 percent cocoa and 85 percent cocoa.

These are the flavors Aldi fans are excited about

This was major news to some Aldi shoppers. One Instagram user commented on the Instagram post, "WhhhT! Need these. I just get the plain dark chocolate and have never seen the other dark options." Another was a longtime dark chocolate fan and wrote, "Moser Roth chocolate from Aldi is fabulous and a great value! The 70% Cocoa premium dark chocolate bars are a staple at our house, but it's been harder to come by at my Aldi location this past year for some reason." One commenter described their skepticism for the dark cranberry flavor, but they came around saying, "ooh, I wasn't sure about the cranberry but now I have to try. thanks!"

A lot of other comments simply stated their favorite pick of the chocolate flavors. Dark cranberry seemed to be a favorite with one user that wrote, "whenever they have the dark cranberry I buy them all – it is that good!" A different user added, "I need to look for the cranberry one tomorrow." Others seemed to favor dark chocolate with chili and dark sea salt caramel. Whatever flavor it is that piques your interest, you'll definitely want to head to Aldi as soon as possible.