Costco Shoppers Are So Excited About Junior's Massive Heart-Shaped Cakes

Those who haven't thought through their Valentine's Day dessert yet are in luck, especially if you don't feel like making one yourself. Costco shoppers have found that the beloved big-box retailer is making and stocking a delicious sweet treat you can simply stop by and pick up. Costco fan account @costcobuys spotted the cakes on Tuesday, Feb. 9, and shared the news with followers.

The account posted photos of the two cake options. One was heart-shaped with striped icing decoration and the second option was a rectangular cake that also had heart decorations and read, "Happy Valentine's Day" across the top. The post received close to 2,300 likes within a day, and the caption stated, "Super cute Valentine's Day cakes from Costco! I spotted this Junior's heart-shaped chocolate ganache cake & Costco's tuxedo chocolate mousse cake with Valentine's Day decorations!" Each cake is 48 ounces and costs just $19.99 making it decent deal for the holiday that's just around the corner.

What customers think of Costco's Valentine's Day cakes

Of course, fans were excited about the deal as soon as they saw it. Anyone would be for that price since it means they don't have to spend all day in the kitchen stressing over baking a cake. Two comments simply stated the facts about how delicious the cake looked, while someone else wrote, "This cake is GOOD!!" Another person testified writing, "That tuxedo chocolate mousse is sooooo good." But they weren't the only ones to share insight and thoughts on the dessert.

Another follower shared their opinion on the wholesaler's cake options, "Costco needs to bring back their All American Chocolate Cake!!!!!" and one person had an unofrtunate incident with their Valentine's Day dessert. "My Costco only had ones that were messed up on the ganache. Ruined my pics but tasted good," they wrote (at least the flavor was still able to shine). Others were just hoping to get their hands on one. One comment read, "I wish this was at my Costco!" Another said, "Running to look in my Texas store!" So, don't wait too long. These have a limited shelf life — especially since Valentine's Day is just a few days away.