The Interesting Ingredient Andrew Zimmern Uses In His Dressings

Andrew Zimmern is not just a seasoned chef, he is also a seasoned traveler. As host of the Travel Channel's Bizarre Foods, Zimmern has taken his viewers to some beautiful locations to savor some unexpected delicacies that would make many of us want to blow chunks. While Zimmern has four James Beard Awards under his chef hat, what makes him so likable is his zest for all things food. He never seems afraid to let his taste buds try something new. Not that we would be willing to take part in very many of his food conquests. Yep, The Daily Meal reports Zimmern has tried everything from cow placenta to fermented sheep's head, neither of which is very high on our bucket list. Go figure.  

Still, Zimmern didn't win those food accolades for nothing. The man knows how to cook normal foods that we all would be willing to chow down on. So, when he shares his tips and tricks with the novice and wannabe cooks, we are all ears. Zimmern's latest food suggestion was shared via social media, and while it might not be intuitive, it just makes so much sense. On Valentine's Day, Zimmern shared an interesting ingredient he uses to create the perfect dressing to top leafy greens.  

Leftover EVOO from artichoke hearts

The tip was actually shared with the managing editor of the New York Times, Sam Sifton, via TwitterZimmern revealed that he uses the olive oil his favorite artichoke hearts are packed in for a salad dressing: "Artichoke hearts, jarred, from @gustiamo, are heavily represented in my house. The leftover evoo they are packed in get turned into dressings of all kinds, especially earthy for hummus ... simply superb #notanad." Of course, that got us googling, and the artichoke hearts sold by Gustiamo sound delish. According to the product page, they are packed in "extra virgin olive oil, wine vinegar, salt, lemon juice." It sounds like the perfect salad dressing all by itself, right?

This practice of using the entirety of a food shouldn't be surprising if you have followed Zimmern. His adoring fans know all too well about his no-waste philosophy. Zimmern wrote on his Facebook page, "Food waste is a problem at every level, from the farm to the wholesaler to the grocery store to your house. Forty percent of food produced in the US ends up in the landfill! We can all do our part to help." He goes on further to explain that taking simple steps to use all the foods you buy and cook is good for your bottom line as well as for the environment. So, the next time you find yourself with some leftover EVOO from your jarred vegetables, think twice before you toss it.