The Truth About Derek Corsino From Spring Baking Championship, Season 7

Sweet indulgences such as competitive reality shows are really hard to resist. This is especially true if you're treating yourself to a gem such as Food Network's Spring Baking Championship. The show is currently in its seventh season and remains as popular as ever. As TV Insider reports, 11 talented chefs will be competing this time around to win the cash prize of $25,000 coupled with a chance to be featured in the Food Network Magazine. Hard to turn that one down, huh?

One of the contestants competing on the show is chef Derek Corsino, an experienced baker who has been a part of the food industry for over two decades. As per Corsino's website, he's been hard at work for many years, establishing a niche baking business that focuses on creating speciality cakes. Aside from his own company, he also happens to be an experienced educator. Has this piqued your interest? Read on to know more about the chef.

Derek Corsino has an extensive resume

According to Derek Corsino's website, he has been heavily involved in the education industry for the last eight years, lending his expertise to several institutions such as Stratford University, Santa Rosa Junior College, The Culinary Institute of America, and more. By the way, Corsino himself studied at of the Culinary Institute of America when he was just starting out in the field.

Corsino is ambitious and committed to baking. Food Network explains that he's currently teaching the culinary arts to his enthusiastic students at Healdsburg High School in California. But his list of positions he has held doesn't stop there. His LinkedIn profile states that he has worked at several establishments such as Super Delicious and Taste Budd's Chocolate Desserts as a cake artist and a sous chef respectively. He has also previously appeared on the Food Network as a cake artist in 2010. 

Corsino has also been an entrepreneur in the past and established a baking incubator called The Cake Studio to help out other aspiring bakers. What his experienced past makes clear is that Corsino is going to be a really tough competitor to beat.