Buffalo Wild Wings Just Introduced Their Fanciest Sauce Yet

If there's one food fad we're so over, it's truffle oil on everything. Truffle oil fries, truffle oil popcorn, truffle oil cat food ... Okay, that last one isn't a thing, but it might as well be. Far from being as luxurious as it sounds, most truffle oil contains no actual truffles and is instead flavored with lab-created compounds. According to TodayMartha Stewart has said it's "synthetic, it's fake, it's horrible. It clings to your taste buds, it's a hideous thing," while Gordon Ramsay's called it "the worst thing" and described it as "one of the most pungent, ridiculous ingredients ever known to chefs," (via PopSugar).

The new Truffalo Sauce from Buffalo Wild Wings, however, isn't just a late entry to the truffle oil trend. As the brand tweeted, this sauce, which made its debut today, consists of "classic buffalo sauce mixed with real white truffles." So actual truffles, not just oil. Hmm, interesting. Earthiness plus tang plus a little heat ...not to mention, the mental image of champagne and caviar meeting bar stools and beer mugs. 

According to an email received by Mashed, Truffalo isn't a permanent addition to the BWW sauce lineup (which currently stands at 26 flavors and counting), but is meant to be a "limited-time offering." As to how limited, well, that probably depends on how well it goes over with the customers. Still, it's apparently enough of a big deal for the brand that they even changed their Twitter handle to honor the new product.

Most Buffalo Wild Wings fans seem unimpressed

Although this sauce is too new to have earned reviews from those who've actually tasted it, the response to BWW's Twitter announcement shows some seem eager to try it, while others ... not so much. Among the former were fans commenting "I'm intrigued," and "Now that sounds very very nice. Like expensive and Premium. Truffles are expensive." (That they are — genuine white truffles may run about $100 per ounce.) Even Dentyne weighed in, calling it "some FANCY STINKY BREATH," (via Twitter). 

On the anti-truffle sauce side were those calling it "a stupid truffle sauce no one asked for" and a "nasty concoction." Some took it as a joke, advising BWW, "Don't do it... if in satire, done in bad taste... literally" and pointing out "April Fools isn't for another month."

By far the largest group of commenters were those begging for the return of a fan favorite that's currently off the roster. As one disappointed Buffalo Wild Wings fan greeted the Truffalo announcement, "That's not how you spell Hot BBQ." Others expressed similar sentiments along the lines of "That's not hot bbq so you can keep it," "bring back a tried and true GOAT sauce, hot bbq," and "We ask for hot bbq and this is what we get?" Looking into our crystal ball, we predict that Truffalo might not be BWW's biggest hit, but the chain might just do as some have speculated and keep reinstating that oh-so-popular Hot BBQ, thus making that product the McRib of wing sauces.