You've Been Making Aldi's Belgian Waffles Wrong This Whole Time

When it comes to getting the most from your Aldi Belgian waffle experience, it pays to think outside the box — the cooking instructions printed on the box, that is. If you're going to simply follow orders, no questions asked, from some "cooking instructions" blurb on a waffle box, then you'll be making your waffles as prescribed by the corporate suits at Aldi's waffle supplier. The cooking instructions on a box of waffles from Aldi say you should simply put them in a toaster or preheated oven, as outlined by Aldi Reviewer. Ask chefs what to do with frozen waffles to get the best flavor or texture, and they'll almost certainly go beyond the instructions on the box (via Insider).

Frozen waffles beg for a hack because they have so much potential, and blasting them in a 400-degree oven for several minutes doesn't come close to showing them at their finest. Even Tyler, the Creator, known more for his musical compositions and rap skills than his cooking, knows how to turn ordinary Eggo waffles into something really yummy by frying them in a pan with butter and cinnamon (via YouTube).

Aldi Belgian waffles are life changing when cooked on the stove

If Eggos can be converted from boring breakfast of last resort to something crispy and delicious simply by tossing your toaster out the window and grabbing a frying pan, then imagine what this method will do for Aldi Belgian waffles. After all, Aldi waffles are synonymous with quality. The experts at Taste of Home voted the German grocer's regular waffles, under the Breakfast Best brand name, "best of show" in a blind taste test.

Reddit user "dddash" actually declared Aldi's Belgian waffles to be "horrible" when toasted, but "life changing" when fried up on the stove (via Reddit). Other Redditors stepped up to suggest even more enhancements. "Dip in French toast batter before frying. They are amazing then," one commented. Original poster dddash thought that was a genius move. Probably without realizing it, Reddit user jgarcia203 had the same idea as Tyler, the Creator: "Add a little butter and cinnamon ... taste like churros."

In a separate Reddit thread, user rainbowkarmabean insisted Aldi's Specially Selected Belgian waffles are "delicious" out of the oven, with fresh fruit and powdered sugar added. Other Redditors on this thread suggested picking up chicken tenders, too, for easy chicken and waffles. Really, the variety of frozen waffle hacks is limited only by your imagination. There's no need to read the box.