Recipes For Every Meat Lover

Even if you're the type of person who tries to eat vegetarian meals on a regular basis, you know that there's something special about well-cooked meat. It smells delicious, it tastes delicious, and it makes you feel great because it's packed with so much protein. But unfortunately, meat is one of the harder types of foods to learn how to cook. You have to make sure it's cooked through all the way to avoid food safety problems, but you also don't want to overcook it and zap out all the flavor.

One way to up your meat-cooking game? Follow some recipes. Here at Mashed, we have an amazing collection of beef, pork, and chicken recipes that you'll love preparing for family and friends. These recipes may look (and taste) impressive, but that doesn't mean they're difficult to make.

When you're ready to warm up the grill, oven, or skillet, take a good look at some of our most popular meat recipes. You'll undoubtedly find some that you just have to try. Before you know it, you'll have the protein-filled dinner of your dreams. Yes, your family is going to ask for these meat dishes again.

Baby back ribs

When you think of the ultimate meat-y dish, what comes to mind? If you're like a lot of people, you think of a nice rack of ribs. That's exactly why you have to try our amazing baby back ribs recipe. While these do take a few hours to cook, they only take about 15 minutes to prepare, so there's not a lot of hands-on work involved. Whether you're planning a barbecue for your closest friends or just want a fun weekend cooking project, this might be the recipe for you.

Jerk chicken

Looking for some Jamaican food? Perhaps the most iconic Jamaican dish out there is jerk chicken. And though this sophisticated recipe may seem difficult to make at home, that couldn't be further from the truth, especially when you follow our jerk chicken recipe. Just a warning: The recipe list is pretty long. But if you want your jerk chicken to taste like the real thing, you'll take that extra time to gather all the ingredients you need. Plus, you can have the whole recipe completed in just over an hour. Not bad for such a luxurious dish.

Pork chops

Sure, everyone loves bacon. But what about all the other amazing cuts of pork out there? If you're looking for an alternative to your usual weekly serving of bacon, then you have to try out this recipe for pork chops. When it comes to making pork chops, using the right kind and the right amount of seasonings is of the utmost importance. Then, you have to take care to ensure that you cook your pork to perfection. That can be difficult if you don't know what you're doing, so consult our recipe if you're new to cooking pork chops.

Prime rib

For a lot of people, meat doesn't get better than prime rib. This is perhaps one of the most famous cuts of meat, due in large part to its fattiness. That means it's ultra tender and tends to melt in your mouth. However, if you're ordering this cut from your local steakhouse, you're likely to spend a pretty penny. Luckily, you can make it yourself at home with this prime rib recipe. It takes some time to make, but the second you take your first bite of this meat, you'll realize that it's definitely worth the time.


Does our chateaubriand recipe look fancy? Absolutely. Is the cut of meat going to cost you some money? Unfortunately, yes. But when it comes to the difficulty of making this recipe, you're getting off easy. In reality, this is a super easy cut of meat to cook, even though it looks seriously impressive. It's going to take about an hour of prep work and an hour of cook time, but if you enjoy being in the kitchen, it's all a breeze. Once you're done, serve it up with some sides like a nice salad, and pair it with the perfect wine. You're in for one special dinner at home.

Stuffed chicken breast recipe

Let's face it: sometimes, chicken breasts can taste kind of boring. They don't have much fat, which means that unless they're cooked really well, they have a tendency of getting dry. That may leave you hesitant to cook up a random chicken breast on a weekday night. But what if we could make that chicken breast experience a lot more exciting? Enter our stuffed chicken breast recipe. Spinach and artichoke pair perfectly in this chicken filling, and you're undoubtedly going to be pleased by the results. Try it out for yourself.

Carne asada

There are so many different applications for carne asada. You could serve it in tacos, burritos, or even on top of salad. If you want a quick and easy meal, you can just throw some over rice. Because it's such a versatile dish to have in the fridge, it's a great idea to make some in advance for the week so you know you have plenty of protein for whatever you end up making. That's where our delicious carne asada recipe comes in. The addition of liquid smoke in this recipe makes a huge difference and gives your meat that grilled flavor you love. This is surely a recipe you'll come back to again and again.

Instant Pot ribs

Want to make the ribs we mentioned before but feeling just a bit too intimidated? If you want, you can start with these Instant Pot ribs instead. Because you can cook this in a pressure cooker, it makes the whole process a lot easier and simpler. You start off seasoning them with a dry rub, and then, when the meat is done cooking, you add some barbecue sauce and place the ribs under your broiler. And just like that, you've served up an impressive dinner to share.

Grilled chicken

Every once in a while, you just want something simple for dinner. Maybe you're on a new diet, maybe you're not feeling well, or maybe you're just feeling like you want to be healthy. That's when our grilled chicken recipe comes in handy. The secret to this recipe is all in the marinade. You want to spend plenty of time marinating your chicken so all the delicious flavors soak into the meat. You will have to do this marinating ahead of time, keep in mind that this is a dinner you should plan in advance.

Mississippi pot roast

Whether you're from the South or not, it's not difficult to see what's so special about a good Mississippi pot roast. The meat cooks for hours, which leaves you with a super flavorful beef that you'll want to eat with everything. The best part about this Mississippi pot roast recipe? You only need a few ingredients to make a meat dish that your family will be talking about for weeks. The worst part? It'll be a little over eight hours of cooking from start to finish. That being said, it's totally worth the wait.

Copycat Taco Bell beef recipe

Do you have a Taco Bell craving that you just can't ignore? Or maybe you want to prepare a huge batch of meat to use in a lot of different recipes for the week ahead. Whatever the case may be, our copycat Taco Bell beef recipe may be just what you're looking for. Since it comes together in just 20 minutes, it's pretty much perfect for those meal prep days when you're trying to get as much done as possible. Plus, it tastes like your favorite fast food, so how could you possibly go wrong?

Corned beef and cabbage

Corned beef and cabbage may be a staple dish of St. Patrick's Day celebrations everywhere, but this dish is great at pretty much any time of the month. The best corned beef has an unusual flavor that you don't get in many other dishes, and it seems to pair perfectly with the cabbage. In fact, you definitely shouldn't wait until St. Patrick's day to make our version of the recipe. You'll love the fact that it requires only four (yes, four!) ingredients. Even if you're not a pro at cooking meat, you can throw this recipe together with no problems at all.

Pork loin

Pork loin is one of those cuts of meat that not many people know what to do with. Oftentimes, they can come out kind of dry and undesirable, which is why some home cooks avoid the cut completely. However, if you know how to cook it right, pork loin can be one of the most flavorful cuts of meat ever. That's why we encourage you to take a look at our pork loin recipe that's bound to blow you away. Make it once, and your family is going to ask for it over and over again.