New Jersey's Official Twitter Just Bashed This Beloved Seattle Pizza Place

Some things New Jersey is known for: cursing, traffic jams, Real Housewives, Cake Boss, and Bruce. Things New Jersey thinks it's known for: boardwalks, fresh produce, pizza, and Bruce (via Wait a second, pizza? In New Jersey? We've heard of New York, Chicago, and Detroit-style pizza. But no pizzeria — outside New Jersey at least — puts out a sign that reads, "New Jersey style." Still, the Garden State brags on its pizza, which apparently is called tomato pie over there (via Visit NJ).

That must be why New Jersey's official government Twitter account decided to throw some shade on a hybrid Chicago and Detroit-style joint in Seattle, of all places. Seattle may be known for its Space Needle, Amazon, and excessive politeness, but nobody's going to call it the pizza capital of anywhere. Seattle has about as many Italian Americans as New Jersey has salmon.

If New Jersey trolling Seattle over a deep-dish pizza born in the Midwest isn't confusing enough, the tweet that started it all actually named the wrong Seattle pizzeria. Twitter user Justin Boldaji tweeted a photo of a Breezy Town Pizza on March 5 with the caption, "Windy City pizza in Seattle has changed my life." Sigh. Windy City and Breezy Town were founded by the same owner (via Twitter), but one is in south Seattle, the other in north Seattle.

Breezy Town Pizza's crust isn't burnt — it's Maillard brown

The photo that accompanied Justin Boldaji's tweet of actually-Breezy-Town pepperoni pizza featured a pie with caramelized crust and crispy pepperoni with black edges. Twitter trolls had a field day with the image before New Jersey's Twitter account found it two days later. "No offense but that s*** is burnt and you should demand ur money back," Twitter user @ImaMickyCat said. "Pizza ain't supposed to look like that, black & red." Another user, "Chris Walton 2099," tweeted, "If living in Seattle has taught me anything, it's that I miss pizza from literally anywhere else in this country."

After the Twitter account @NJgov found the image of the Breezy City pizza, they commented, "This is not pizza this is a cry for help." Breezy Town jumped on Twitter to defend itself, explaining the crust was Maillard brown, not burnt. "If you've had Detroit-style pizza, or Pequod's pizza, our cheese edge looks normal," Breezy Town tweeted.

Then Breezy Town Pizza went on the offensive — in more than one sense of the word. They tweeted at New Jersey with a picture and description of a carbonara-style pizza with peas. The tweet read, "Hey @NJGov, we see you trying to gatekeep pizza, so we made a riff on carbonara to upset Italian grandmothers." Still no word from New Jersey, who may still be trying to resuscitate their grandmother.