Aldi Shoppers Have Strong Opinions About These Frozen Buffalo Wings

When it comes to chicken wings, people tend to be pretty specific in how they like them. Whether you prefer them very spicy or perfectly crisp, chicken wings have to be just right to really enjoy them. While you can always call them in from your favorite restaurant to pick them up and enjoy them at home, sometimes you just don't want to have to go out at all. According to the Food NetworkAll Recipes, and Tasty, you can bake, air fry, or deep fry chicken wings at home with their respective recipes. However, you have to have a good base to start with, in order to have delicious buffalo chicken wings at the end.

Not having great flavor, is just one of the issues Aldi shoppers didn't like about their wings. According to one Reddit thread, it seems Aldi's Kirkwood barbecue and buffalo wings are a pass for many. There were far more negative thoughts on the flavored wings than there were positive. The first comment said, "they're aggressively mediocre. I find them to be soggy even in an air fryer." That was seconded by another comment which read, "yeah for me they were chewy like they have too much liquid...chicken wings should be crispy." To cap it off, another Redditor said, "they ruined our Aldi Super Bowl Spread this year. Steer Clear."

This is what the defenders of Aldi's chicken wings said

However, there were some who came to the wings' defense. One person responded to the commenter who called them "aggressively mediocre." They wrote back, "you described them well. They are my guilty pleasure. I realize what they are, but for some reason I just love them. Even if they come out a bit soggy they aren't terrible (to me). Those and some Ranch are killer. I don't have them often, but it's definitely a once a month thing."

But that response wasn't the only one defending the wings. Another said, "to each their own but I've been eating them bad boys for 15 years! Follow instructions and hit em with broil for last 5 minutes. I won't buy the expensive ones at Walmart. If your speaking of the non breaded ones then go and try them! Mannnnn I know what's for lunch tomorrow now." If that wasn't enough, someone else simply advised going with the buffalo chicken strips, as opposed to the wings for a safer bet. Clearly, the chicken wings from Aldi are hit or miss, so make sure to choose wisely the next time you're at the store.