Good News For Fans Of Burger King's French Toast Sandwich

Just when you thought the siren song of the fast food breakfast drive-thru couldn't get more tempting, Burger King said, "Hold my breakfast sandwich." To the delight of many, the burger chain is bringing back its once limited-time-only French Toast Sandwich. According to ChewBoom, the upgraded sandwich is set to officially launch on March 25, although some locations were offering it a week early. 

The original BK French Toast Sandwich was offered as an LTO item in 2019 (via Food & Wine), but it's back for 2021. You might remember the original incarnation was sweet, savory, and satisfying, and gave McDonald's McGriddle some competition. It consisted of two pieces of French toast, a fluffy folded egg topped with melted American cheese, and a choice of sausage, bacon, or ham.

The upgraded BK French Toast Sandwich, however, features the addition of a maple butter sauce. That's right. We didn't know it, but this sauce was just what this sandwich was missing the first time around. 

There's lots of maple-butter flavor

A review from Peep THIS Out! on YouTube confirms it. Reviewer Ian K says that you will immediately notice that the French toast rounds are deliciously buttery, thanks to the maple butter sauce that looks like it pretty much saturates the toast. You might want to ask for extra napkins, or even a fork and knife, as Ian K notes that it might be better served on a plate.

Lifting the top piece of toast, he says the only disappointing aspect of the sandwich might be its smallish size. He goes on to say that the sauce smells incredible and that his car is suffused with a delicious maple-butter aroma. For those who just can't get enough, however, the order comes with an extra cup of the thick, rich condiment.

Biting in, Ian K is not disappointed, and TBH, we're a little jealous as we watched him enjoying it. "That's a major upgrade ... that buttery maple action is definitely lighting this one up," he said. He adds that the sauce is a big step up from a basic packet of maple syrup. While the toast could stand to be a little crispier, he noted, the balance of egg, cheese and sweet French toast along with the salty, savory ham is on point.

Unsurprisingly, it didn't take long for reddit to take notice. Though there are no comments as of this writing, keep your eye on this subreddit to see what your fellow breakfast fans think of BK's latest offering.