Aldi Shoppers Are Divided On These Seafood Dips

The best thing about social media fandoms for Costco, Trader Joe's, and other grocers is that you don't always have to buy a product to figure out if you'll like it. On Instagram, grocery fans document new item drops, recipe hacks, and product reviews with dedication, and followers always chime in with strong opinions. Not sure if you'll enjoy Costco's new mini carrot cakes? Take a two-minute scroll on social media, and you'll find out whether or not they're worth your $7.99.

Some products inspire more controversy. Such is the case with Aldi's Lobster Roll Dip and Crab Rangoon Dip, two creamy seafood concoctions inspired by the New England and Chinese-American restaurant favorites, respectively. Aldi aficionado @theamazingaldi posted a picture of the dips on Instagram, asking followers if they regularly add the items to their own carts. Based on their mixed responses, you'd better just sample both — ideally with a tray of assorted breads and crackers — and form your own opinion.

Aldi shoppers are crazy for Lobster Roll Dip and less thrilled about Crab Rangoon Dip

Replies to @theamazingaldi's post are a mixed bag, but most fans say that the lobster dip is the way to go. "So fire I put that lobster in a brioche butter bun... oooh weeee," one Instagram user wrote. Another commenter was a little more discerning, warning people about the "very crunchy celery" flecked throughout the dip but highly approving of its large chunks of lobster. Many users recommended eating the spread with tortilla chips or buttery crackers. While enthusiasm for the lobster dip abounds, the crab version receives criticism from a tough crowd. 

"Really gross," "horrible," and "too sweet and too creamy" are just a few of the terms used to the describe Aldi's dip, which is slightly spicy and made with surimi rather than real crab, according to Aldi Reviewer. However, if you try it and find that it's not your thing, there's still hope. One user said they thought the dip was "ok, but too mayo-y," so she added cream cheese, Worcestershire sauce, and garlic powder. "Then it was pretty good with the Aldi chive crackers and some sweet chili sauce!" she said. At the end of the day, both seafood dips' highly mixed reviews can be summed up by one social media interaction. "This makes me nauseous!" @foundinrochester wrote about the beloved Lobster Roll Dip. "Good, more for me," a follower responded.