The Hilarious Reason Krispy Kreme's Vaccination Promotion Is Turning Heads

"Can we all just take a minute to appreciate the underpaid person who came up with 'Jane Dough' on the Krispy Kreme Covid vaccine promotion?" tweeted @MollyKnight, and we absolutely have to agree (via Twitter).

To support the national effort to vaccinate Americans against COVID-19, Krispy Kreme launched an initiative on all of its social media accounts, including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook: Bring in your vaccination card and get a free glazed doughnut (via Twitter). It's a pretty sweet deal. Free doughnuts for something most of us want to do anyway? Okay! Krispy Kreme calls it "showing our sweet support to those who have received the COVID-19 Vaccine," (via Instagram). According to Krispy Kreme, starting on March 22, customers can receive the chain's iconic Original Glazed doughnut with a flash of their COVID-19 vaccination card. The deal works whether you've received your first or second round of the vaccine, and you're limited to one free doughnut per day.

But it's not the promotion itself that's turning heads. As mentioned above, the name on Krispy Kreme's mocked-up vaccination card, Jane Dough, is too clever to leave unappreciated.

Krispy Kreme's Jane Dough already has the vaccine

Of course, the best name that could have chosen for an imaginary donut customer would be Jane Dough, or, as printed on the official vaccination card featured in Krispy Kreme's vaccine promotion, "Dough, Jane." The folks running Krispy Kreme's social accounts did not let the opportunity slip through their fingers.

Social media has fallen in love with the campaign. Twitter user @silencedrowns writes: "absolutely losing my mind at 'Jane Dough'" (via Twitter). Meanwhile, @kimsnd tweeted some eyeballs and the comment "Jane Dough. I see what you did there @krispykreme. Also, this is awesome. #GetVaccinated," (via Twitter).

Even those who didn't catch or comment on the hilarious "Jane Dough" pun love the idea of a free doughnut. On Facebook, one commenter asked the question on all of our minds: "So if you have had two shots, you get two donuts??" And @BarryYa34959976 joked, "Saturday, off to Kinkos and 12 copies of my vaccination card," (via Twitter). The promotion even caught the attention of major news outlets, such as HLN, whose Robin Meade mentioned it on her morning program (via Twitter).

We agree that a glazed Krispy Kreme doughnut (especially if it's warm) is a sweet incentive in just about any situation.