SNL's Hilarious Hot Ones Parody Is Turning Heads

Beyoncé exercises near-total control over her public identity. She almost never gives interviews, and on-camera interviews are even rarer (via W). So you have to wonder, what would happen if something possessed Beyoncé to sit down with Sean Evans for conversation and spicy wings on his popular YouTube show, Hot Ones? It's almost certainly not going to happen. But we can at least picture it now, after Maya Rudolph brought back her Beyoncé impression when she hosted Saturday Night Live on March 27 (via YouTube).

Rudolph's Beyoncé wasn't going to waste her time with any mild wings, either. The proud Texan wanted to kick things off with some sauces that registered high up the Scoville Scale. Now we know what it might look like when Beyoncé loses her cool.

First, SNL cast member Mikey Day, as Evans, sets up Rudolph's Ms. Knowles-Carter with the unfortunately named "Hitler's Anus Roasted Reaper Sauce." Beyoncé says she's not loving the name, but the wing looks good. After a bite and a few chews, Beyoncé let out a whoop over the heat, and Evans graciously reminded her that water and milk were at hand. "Yeah, I'm not gonna drink a big, fat glass of milk on camera. That's not a good look for 'Yoncé," Rudolpoh says. But after a bite of a wing topped with "The Devil's Diarrhea Scorpion Sauce," Scoville score 676,000, Beyonce was chugging the milk and letting it spill down the front of her designer dress.

Sean Evans loved Saturday Night Live's Hot Ones sketch

From there, Beyoncé's appearance on Hot Ones, as parodied by Maya Rudolph on Saturday Night Live, goes off the rails. Beyoncé calls her hairstylist onto the set and demands that he stuff ice cubes under her wig, until her publicist walks up to nix the idea. She says to Evans, "You will not film B taking her wig off. Is that clear, bald man?" When Beyonce eventually walks off the set, her agent steps up and orders all recordings destroyed.

First We Feast, producers of Hot Ones and other food-related content, jumped on the comments on Saturday Night Live's YouTube channel to express admiration and appreciation for the sketch: "Never thought a YouTube chicken wing talk show hosted by a bald guy would make it this far. Thank you Maya, Mikey, and SNL. SO GOOD!!!"

The real Sean Evans posted his SNL moment on Twitter, and his fans offered congratulations. "You've officially made it. Is there any higher height to ascend to," @NatWu tweeted. Twitter user Brian Johnson commented, "This was one of those sketches that still has you laughing 1/2 hr later." No word on what Queen Bee thought of this nugget of SNL gold. But she might want to check the Scoville number on that hot sauce in her bag that she sings about (via Eater).