The 2 Ingredients Amanda Freitag Says Will Help You 'Reimagine' Broccoli

If you have a child who refuses to eat anything green, or if you yourself are a picky eater, you know that broccoli can be one of the biggest offenders — and notoriously one of the least appealing vegetables to many. But even if you despise the taste or texture, there's no denying that the cruciferous vegetable has a lot of health benefits. A serving of broccoli is loaded with fiber, vitamins C and K, and plenty of immune-boosting antioxidants, according to Healthline. There have also been studies that show that eating more broccoli may reduce your risk of heart disease or lower your cholesterol.

Fortunately, you don't have to choke down raw florets or bland boiled broccoli to incorporate it into your diet. Amanda Freitag has a hack for making the oft-hated vegetable a lot tastier, and all you need is two ingredients. Here's what the Chopped judge and chef loves tossing with her broccoli when she makes it at home.

Amanda Freitag adds lemon and parmesan to her broccoli

If you're a firm believer that cheese makes anything better (bread, potatoes, macaroni, or really any carb for that matter), you're in luck. According to a recent tweet from Amanda Freitag, a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese will make a world of difference when it comes to your broccoli. That and lemon juice. "Let's reimagine broccoli together with this incredibly delicious and #easyAF way of preparing it: charred with lemon and Parmesan," she wrote, adding, "Trust me when I tell you even the pickiest eaters won't pass on this one." Amanda included a link to a YouTube video explaining how to make said broccoli dish. 

As for when to apply the two toppings? The blogger behind The House of Nash Eats, who follows a similar recipe, says she roasts her broccoli in the oven and then tosses the florets with a splash of fresh-squeezed lemon juice. She then tops it with grated Parmesan right before serving.