Viral Food Recipes You've Seen Around The Internet

With everyone close to home for over a year and not far from their kitchens, it's easy to understand how certain culinary tricks and recipes have gotten incredibly popular, incredibly fast. Certain trends like baking bread, for instance, have arisen in response to filling the additional time, at least if you were lucky enough to find yeast at the grocery store. Others were a bit trickier, as the internet can be a wild ride when it comes to figuring out what food trends are worth following. As it turns out, for instance, it takes a nimble chef to pull off making the perfect loaf of sourdough and maintain the starter over the long term. 

Trendy or not, these recipes are truly lifesavers when indoor eating is closed or the prospect of waiting in line at Starbucks just doesn't sound appealing. So, we've rounded up viral food recipes that not only appear pretty incredible on your feed but will taste just as good as they look. And if you want to read while drinking an Italian soda from TikTok and eating donuts by the spoonful, know that we support you. 

Cioppino is a satisfying seafood stew

A dish first conceived by fishermen in the 1800s might not seem like the most obvious viral food recipe of the bunch, but one taste will show you the culinary light. This Italian-American creation is deceptively simple to make and easy to suit your tastes and available pantry items. 

This cioppino recipe is built from select ingredients such as tomato, onion, and garlic. Extra flavor is added to the fresh shellfish and fish by incorporating white wine, olive oil, and herbs such as fennel into the mix. The key to a successful soup is using fresh ingredients, so hold off on any canned or pre-cooked fish you have on hand. The best part is choosing your own seafood adventure with clams, mussels, shrimp, and any white fish like halibut, haddock, or cod playing especially well here.

Focaccia bread is easy and tasty

If you've avoided the internet's baking craze until now, then our focaccia recipe might entice you to finally make bread at home. Unlike needy sourdough starters, our focaccia recipe is likely to cooperate with minimal effort and prep time, making it perfect even for novice bread bakers. The addition of salty feta and green olives means this isn't your run-of-the-mill loaf. Pair with soup to make this focaccia a satisfying meal. 

All you need for the bread is all-purpose flour, active dry yeast, salt, sugar, water, and a healthy dose of olive oil, along with feta and olives to top. Patience is required for the 60 minutes the dough needs to double in size. Even more, self-control is needed not to eat the whole pan when it's pulled out of the oven. Don't forget to save some of that flavorful extra virgin olive oil for dipping the finished bread.

TikTok feta pasta recipe tastes as good as it looks

You can't believe everything you hear when it comes to viral recipes on the web. More often than not, recipes are designed to be photogenic rather than flavorful. Not so with this viral feta pasta recipe, which you'll be sure to love. 

Our take on the TikTok sensation uses the same simple roasted tomatoes, feta, and other shelf-stable ingredients that have made this pasta so popular. One baking dish for Instagram-ready roasted tomatoes and baked feta? You bet! The contrasting colors really pop on the screen, making it a delight for your eyes as well as your taste buds. You can also modify it to your tastes, such as throwing in a few red pepper flakes for heat, but this recipe is also perfectly lovely as written. Fresh oregano, chopped shallots, and full cloves of garlic round out the TikTok feta pasta everyone has been talking about.

Dalgona Coffee is a simple but luxurious treat

Dalgona coffee is making waves on the web as a delicious new, way to get your caffeine jolt. The real effort for this Dalgona coffee recipe comes from whipping the coffee, sugar, and milk of your choice. A hand-held electric whisk thankfully does the work for you, making this an easy treat to literally whip up in minutes. The trick is to continue to froth for five straight minutes. Consider using oat milk for its sweet taste, and also if you prefer non-dairy milk or simply want to try something new. The results are photogenic, especially in a glass cup that shows off the eye-catching froth.

TikTok tortilla wraps make for a handheld snack

Some recipes innovate, and others can offer a healthy dose of food nostalgia for guaranteed crowd-pleasers. This TikTok tortilla wrap hack recipe is (almost) a copycat of the Taco Bell Crunchwrap Supreme. This wrap is even better because it's handheld and flexible to a range of dietary preferences. For example, vegetarians can substitute black or pinto beans instead of beef. 

The biggest mistake most people make is overloading the tortilla. It's supposed to be handheld, so don't let your eyes get bigger than your tortilla. Another secret of the "hack" is laying out the filling in the correct order and into quadrants. This layered, quarter-circle layout keeps the veggies from overheating alongside the meat. It may seem a tad fussy but trust us. The small effort is well worth it, to the point that this tortilla wrap will be your lunch-on-the-go favorite in no time.

Viral cereal pancakes are delicious and adorable

The internet is obsessed — with good reason — about tiny, little pancakes packed into a cereal bowl. The sweet concoction is easy to make, for one, seeing as the teeny cakes cook up quickly. You can eat this cereal pancake recipe with milk as the name suggests, making for an ultra-cute breakfast bowl. 

The recipe is straightforward, but that doesn't mean there isn't room for other adjustments for taste. Canola and vegetable oil can be replaced with coconut oil for a slight flavor change-up, to start. And if you don't have buttermilk on hand, then you can replace the buttermilk with whole milk and a tablespoon of vinegar or lemon juice to add the signature tang of buttermilk. You can also add vanilla for another touch of flavor. Feel free to get creative with chocolate chips, blueberries,  almond extract, or more. Heck, you can even go full Funfetti with some sprinkles for an extra colorful treat.

Ham and cheese cloud eggs are more than meets the eye

This viral recipe is as delightful as it sounds thanks to the sunny-side-up egg — with a twist. At first glance, our ham and cheese cloud egg recipe might look like a standard fried egg. Instead, the recipe separates the egg yolk from the whites to hold all the filling whisked together, forming the titular "cloud." 

The exact type of fillings you use here are open to experimentation. Deli ham and shredded cheese stay true to the original, but you can also explore with parmesan or green peppers, for instance. Whatever path you choose, however, be sure that you don't overcook the eggs. The key to the "cloud" is frothing the egg whites until they can hold their shape. Make the mixture too thin and it'll spread all over the pan, so be sure to take an extra minute and pay attention to your egg whites.