Trader Joe's Shoppers Are Obsessed With Its Thai Tea Flavored Mochi

Whether you're a long-time mochi fan or you're looking to try some after watching Waffles+Mochi, there's a flavor at Trader Joe's that shoppers are loving. For those who are new to mochi, it's basically a tiny ice cream ball that's wrapped in a thin layer of sticky rice dough, with the ice cream-free version dating all the way back to ancient Japan (via Taste of Home). While mochi comes in tons of flavors ranging from your favorites like strawberry or chocolate, the latest dairy-free option that Trader Joe's customers are crazy for is Thai tea. 

A Trader Joe's fan account on Instagram, @traderjoesobsessed, first spotted them on Monday, April 5th. Since then, the post has received more than 5,200 likes in a day. The caption read, "unwinding after the busy weekend with one of my favorite #dairyfree desserts! Mini Thai Tea Mochi (9/10 [stars]) $3.49! I can easily eat the whole box easily in one sitting. The Thai tea flavor is very authentic and not too sweet which I like and the coconut flavor is very mild. Try it for yourself! My kids like to use the container inside to make round ice cubes or as paint holders. They are sooo good!" For just $3.49 per box, you can't go wrong in giving these treats a try.

What mochi fans have to say

Several mochi fans and Trader Joe's shoppers commented about the flavor. Because these mini mochi are made with a coconut base, commenters wondered if the coconut flavor would be overpowering. But according to @traderjoesobsessed, the coconut flavor was very mild if noticeable at all. Others were just happy to learn that these treats are dairy-free. One person wrote, "omg I didn't know they were diary-free, that just made me so much happier." The Thai black tea flavoring is based on the milky, spiced Thai classic beverage (via Food and Wine).

More people who have tried the flavor were quick to testify to the deliciousness. One person simply said, "yummm." Another just wrote, "these!!!" Finally, one comment read, "so so good." With so many positive reactions, the new mochi flavor must be a great pick. So add them to your Trader Joe's list and grab some the next time you visit your local store. If you know you would prefer to try another flavor first, Trader Joe's has plenty of other mochi flavors to choose from. You just might find a new favorite frozen treat.