The Pioneer Woman Shared Details About Her Daughter's Bridal Shower With Fans

As fans of Ree Drummond, a.k.a. the Pioneer Woman, probably already know, the Drummond family has a very important event coming up in less than a month. Ree's oldest daughter, Alex Drummond, will be getting married to her college boyfriend, Mauricio Scott, on May 1, 2021. This past weekend, the family also celebrated Alex's bridal shower, with family and friends gathering to wish Alex well on her upcoming big day.

Ree shared gorgeous photos of the bridal shower — which was hosted by her sister-in-law and closest friend at Ree's own Oklahoma bakery called The Mercantile — on her blog and on Instagram. She said she couldn't be more excited for the upcoming wedding, although she is preparing herself for one potential hiccup: the weather. "I guess I could be a little worried about Oklahoma weather since the wedding is outdoors," Ree wrote on her blog.

She might have good reason to be concerned about the fickle Oklahoma weather, since it has already caused some minor changes to the bridal shower, which was originally intended to be held out of doors, but had to be moved because of rain.

Alex Drummond's bridal shower was a big success, according to her mom

But no matter what may happen, Ree Drummond isn't worried. "Maybe I'm in denial, but I can really only describe my current wedding state as...excited! I'm not really worried about anything, except my dress choices zipping—and, if they do zip, whether I'll be able to breathe if they do. But even then, I ain't that worried," the Pioneer Woman joked on the blog.

Regardless of whether it was indoors or outside, her daughter Alex Drummond's shower was a huge success, with beautiful decorations, great company, and what appeared to be lots of delicious food. Fans of the Pioneer Woman were delighted to see the lovely bridal shower, and many responded with well wishes for the happy couple on Instagram. Follower @thefancyashley wrote, "They are so cute! Congrats to Alex! And prayers for amazing wedding weather!" "Beautiful pictures! So much love in one room. Congratulations," another follower agreed

Most importantly, it looks like the bride had a great time celebrating her upcoming nuptials with her close family and friends, and hopefully — rain or shine — the wedding day goes just as smoothly.