Good News For Fans Of Taco Bell's Potato-Rito

Don't you just love it when the good news keeps getting better and better? It all started in January 2021, when Taco Bell's CEO announced that the chain would be bringing potatoes back to the menu. Then just last month, Taco Bell brought back its iconic Quesalupa — after five long years — and that was mere days after the Mexican-inspired fast food giant introduced two new cheesy sides to celebrate the wonders of cheddar. Now, just when you thought the news couldn't get any better, there's this: Taco Bell has just brought another beloved potato-y item back to its menu. 

Originally introduced in 2017, for a limited time only (sigh), the Beefy Potato-rito featured "seasoned beef, shredded cheddar cheese, nacho cheese sauce, crispy potatoes, and chipotle sauce wrapped up in a warm flour tortilla," according to Brand Eating. Then one day, as the powers-that-be had hinted, it was gone.

Well, Taco Bell's Potato-rito is gone no more. Beefy Potato-ritos are available right now on Taco Bell's menu, and they're only one dollar. According to an April 5 tweet, they're available on an "early access" basis to Taco Bell Rewards members only. However, even if you're not a Taco Bell Rewards member, the good news continues...

Fans of Taco Bell's Potato-rito no longer have to reminisce

Taco Bell's Beefy Potato-rito is back on the menu, and the cost is only one dollar (not including tax). Although an April 5 tweet from Taco Bell suggests that this deal is available only to Taco Bell Rewards members, we have since learned from Fox News that there will be $1 Potato-ritos for everyone starting April 15. 

In more good news, it appears that peaceful protest may have played a small role in the return of Taco Bell's Potato-rito, as well as any and all other potato-based menu items that Taco Bell sees fit to bring back. Apparently, on November 3, 2020, a couple of vegan dudes, aggrieved over Taco Bell's having eschewed potatoes, took to the parking lot of a local Taco Bell to register their displeasure (via TikTok). 

To be clear, there is nothing vegan about a Beefy Potato-rito (notice the beef in the name?). Nevertheless, it's refreshing to know that the next time one of our go-to fast food chains decides to nix a menu item that we truly care about, perhaps they'll listen to reason if we show up peacefully, bearing hand-made signs.