Chrissy Teigen Always Keeps This Pickled Ingredient In Her Fridge

Chrissy Teigen is a supermodel and foodie who's never afraid to express her thoughts and share recipes with her fans. Teigen revealed to SELF that what started as an inexpensive way to "wine and dine" her then-future husband, turned into one of her biggest passions. These days, Teigen is always cooking up a storm, and has her own website called Cravings, as well as two cookbooks, where you can find everything from her favorite kid-friendly meals to her hubby's favorite breakfast sandwich.

But have you ever wondered what this celebrity entrepreneur always keeps her refrigerator stocked with? Us too. What do you think it might be? If you guessed the sauced wings she ate on the Youtube show Hot Ones that sent her to the hospital, guess again. While she is definitely a fan of the heat, Teigen has a different idea of what a good, spicy must-have is. Here are the ingredients that the model and author always has in her refrigerator.

Teigen always has a little heat in her fridge

During a Delish interview, Chrissy Teigen shared her propensity for pickled peppers and added that this kind of heat is always waiting in her fridge. Teigen revealed, "They're my go-to. Pickled green hot peppers, deli-style pickled jalapeños, pepperoncinis. I put them in certain dishes, like tuna casserole, when I want that crunchy bite of heat, but I mainly just munch on them. I love intense spice, and sour, too — anything super acidic." 

Teigen is pretty serious about these salty, zesty peppers. She told Refinery29, that she adores popping pepperoncinis on top of an everything bagel, which initially "disgusted" workers at the publication. But once they tried it, they were singing a different tune. The mom of two clearly knows what pairs well.

And Teigen is in good company when it comes to her beloved pepperoncini. According to People, Halle Berry has also found herself craving these crunchy, pickled peppers. To be fair, Berry was pregnant when she was experiencing her hankering for their savory goodness, but we definitely get it. Chopped up on a sandwich or polished off after a slice of pizza, these crunchy peppers take your meals to the next level or provide a nice spicy finish. While some people might be surprised that Teigen always has jars of spicy pepperoncini in her refrigerator, it just seems right.