Trader Joe's New Crispy Onion Chips Are Turning Heads

If you're a frequent patron of Trader Joe's, you already know that half of the point of shopping there is to peruse the aisles for newly-released products. So, when Instagrammer @traderjoeslist posted a photo of what looks like a brand new crunchy snack from Trader Joe's own brand, people were more than a little excited to learn more (via Instagram). The product is called Crispy Onion Chips, and according to the packaging they only contain onions, rice brand oil, and salt, with the intention of maintaining all of the flavor of the onion.  

In their caption @traderjoeslist wrote: "I really hope they taste like funyuns. I'll have my eyes and paws looking for these in my next haul!" The post gained almost 20 thousand likes and 575 comments in just two days, and commenters were quick to offer their opinions on the new launch. Some couldn't wait to get their hands on these onions chips, one person writing: "My La Habra, Ca store doesn't have these yet, but I kinda wanna go every day just to check." Others were less excited by the prospect, as one put it: "They sound yummy, but not the nutritional content I am looking for. Saw them on the shelf this week and kept walking". Another user said simply: "It's gonna be a no from me dawg."

However, according to those who have tried these new onion chips, there's one way of eating them that they all seem to recommend.

How to make the most of Trader Joe's new Crispy Onion Chips

According to commenters on @traderjoeslist's post, these new crispy onion chips belong in one place above all others, and that's on burgers (via Instagram). As one person wrote: "Omg on a burger", with a couple of drooling emojis. Another was quick to add: "I put these on my burger. Soooo good!"

However, even if you're not much of a burger fan, there are still plenty of other creative and tasty ways to make the most of these crunchy onion pieces. In a reply to a negative comment, one person wrote, "I wonder if it [would be] better off for burgers or topping off french onion soup. [You could even] grind it up and use it for breading." These are all excellent ideas if you do end up purchasing these chips and don't find them to be ideal for snacking.

Unfortunately for @traderjoeslist and other fans of Funyuns, these don't seem to be a close dupe for the famous snack food, probably because these are made of onions whereas Funyuns are made of cornmeal (via Frito Lay). However, commenters were still disappointed by the difference, one writing: "Not like funyuns. A little sweet and disintegrate in your mouth. Wanted to like them, but, no." So, if you're interested in these chips because you love Funyuns, you might be disappointed. However, if you want an oniony crunch on your burger or casserole, this might be the product for you.