Aldi Shoppers Are Loving These Pretzel Breadsticks

If you had a choice between pretzel bread and non-pretzel bread, which would you choose? If you chose pretzel bread, you're definitely not alone. In a recent post, Instagrammer @theamazingaldi shared a six-pack of soft pretzel breadsticks they spotted at the discount store for just $2.69, and commenters were more than a little excited.. The post gained over 675 likes in just the first day, signifying that these pretzel breadsticks could be a real fan favorite.

Comments on the post range from users tagging pretzel-loving friends with messages like: "Look for them at your next Aldi trip!!" and "Have you seen these??" to those who've already tried the product leaving comments like: "These are sooo good" and "My youngest loved them." Others wasted no time adding the pretzel breadsticks to their shopping lists, with one person writing: "Mmmmmm....I see melted cheese dripping from these."

Usually positive comments on a product post are balanced with negative ones, but no one seems to dislike these breadsticks. In fact, the most negative comment the post has received so far is: "Wish they had beer cheese" with a licking lips emoji. However, this same Aldi pretzel product also got some attention on Reddit a while back.

What Reddit users have to say about Aldi's pretzel breadsticks

In a 2019 post on an Aldi-dedicated subreddit, one user posted a picture of the same pretzel breadsticks with the caption: "Nom nom. Pretzel breadsticks. Half the carbs of full pretzels. So much better than frozen." The post gained 165 upvotes and twenty three comments. Not unlike @theamazingaldi's post, most people were pretty positive about the pretzels. The top comment reads: "Half the carbs means you can eat twice as's math" and the second: "Aldi is going to get us all fat with all the goodies."

Once again, negativity in the comments was at a minimum. The only real complaints were from shoppers who couldn't seem to find the breadsticks at their local Aldi store, one writing: "Gahhh I was hoping my Aldi was going to have these but I didn't see any." So, if you're hoping to pick up a package, you might want to hurry before they sell out.