31% Of People Agree That This Alcohol Brand Has The Worst Seltzer

Gone are the days of the alcohol aisle at the grocery store being home to strictly beer and wine. Hard seltzers have moved in, and it looks like their lease won't be up for a long time.

According to USA Today, boozy seltzersuddenly became the drink of choice in 2019. This was largely because "bros" opted to start getting their buzz from White Claws, which are widely considered the breakthrough star of the hard seltzer world (via Insider). The bubbly, lightly boozy beverages have surged in popularity over the last two years, and, by 2027, are expected to rake in an estimated 14.5 billion dollars in revenue, per Grand Review Research. 

These days, newcomers to the hard seltzer world are met with a seemingly endless number of options, from classics like White Claw and Truly to the newly-launched version from Topo Chico. If you're feeling overwhelmed by the amount of colorful cases available at the store, the seltzer produced by your favorite beer or liquor brand might be a good place to start — unless you're a fan of a few select brands. A recent survey conducted by Mashed polled 655 individuals and found that a couple varieties of the spiked beverages are considered a less than ideal option. Here are the ones you might want to avoid.

Hard seltzer fans don't like this iconic beer brand's version

The latest Mashed survey asked participants which alcohol brand has the worst hard seltzer. As it turns out, tequila giant Jose Cuervo has made a relatively smooth transition into the seltzer world with their Playamar drinks, receiving only 9.92 percent of votes.

Coors Light received the second-lowest amount of votes, earning 12.06 percent in our poll — a number that could be chalked up to the river-saving mission behind each purchase of these bad boys. Corona's spiked seltzers were next, voted the worst brand by 12.52 percent of respondents, and were followed by the organic variety produced by Michelob Ultra, which took 14.35 percent, or 94 votes.

Bud Light's array of boozy sparkling beverages were labeled the second-worst option despite being a more seasoned member of the hard seltzer world with their introduction in January 2020 (via Beer Street Journal). Per our results, one in five people, or 20.15 percent, would turn down a can of boozy fizzy water from the brand. 

As their website notes, Pabst Blue Ribbon's cans of Stronger Seltzers promise "big flavors" and an ABV of 8 percent, but that doesn't seem enough to get drinkers on board. The company received nearly 31 percent of votes in our survey, deeming this iconic alcohol brand the makers of the worst hard seltzers out there. Maybe if there's ever another White Claw shortage, the PBR seltzers will have their day.