Here's What's In Kristin Cavallari's Kitchen

While some may know Kristin Cavallari from her years on reality television or from her lifestyle brand Uncommon James, which sells everything from jewelry to home goods, she is also a big foodie who loves to cook. Back in 2018, she released her first cookbook, True Roots, in which she shared recipes with no gluten, dairy, or refined sugar (via Uncommon James). Last year, she came out with another cookbook, True Comfort, packed full of cozy recipes that continued to steer clear of gluten and refined sugar.

In honor of her foray into the culinary world, Cavallari gave MyRecipes a tour of her kitchen, showing off some staples. First of all, she makes her life easier by keeping a few ingredients she uses on a very regular basis right by the stove, within arm's reach. These include things like olive oil, coconut oil, pink Himalayan sea salt, and truffle salt, as well as real butter.

She also had two frequently used pieces of equipment atop her gas stovetop, a copper tea kettle and a large white dutch oven. And, of course, she displayed her latest cookbook on her counter, styled with wooden cutting boards for a rustic chic vibe (via MyRecipes).

However, don't think that her kitchen is perfectly curated and organized. Cavallari gave fans a peek into one large, shallow drawer near her range which was filled with all kinds of random kitchen gear, from a copper ice cream scoop to a cheese grater.

Cavallari has a kid-friendly kitchen

The kitchen tour provided to MyRecipes offered a glimpse at more than just Cavallari's culinary habits — she also highlighted a few things that point to her role as a mom of three.

The first was a homework pile on the counter, which she mentioned was there so that she wouldn't forget about helping her children with the task. She also had a few sweet treats, including a zipped food storage bag filled with popcorn combined with melted M&Ms, as well as some gluten-free muffins she made with her daughter. She mentioned that she always makes sure to have some baked goods in a display on the counter when her kids are around, as well as some type of snack option, such as the popcorn.

She also showed off a necessary tool for any home cook who wants to whip things up with their child nearby: a learning tower (via Yummy Toddler Food). The simple piece of equipment, which she had a wooden version of, is designed to bring children to counter height in a safe manner. Parents can rest assured that their child won't fall backwards, and the child can help with food preparation, or simply play while the parent cooks.

As a little bonus for herself, she had a drink station with an espresso machine — apparently Cavallari loves to play barista and craft lattes at home — as well as her collection of Dry Farm Wine, a membership-based wine company that offers products with no chemicals or additives. It's clear Cavallari strikes the perfect balance between a chic dream kitchen and a homey, kid-friendly cooking space.