What Chopped Winner Brian Riggenbach Is Up To Now

Chef Brian Riggenbach proved his mettle on Chopped after winning an episode in season 24. As per Pop Sugar, the chef has kept himself rather busy after his participation in the show. Before we delve into that, it's worth looking at the chef's background. As per The Mockingbird, Riggenbach has prioritized getting a taste of cuisines across the world in a bid to make himself better.

The chef comes from humble beginnings and first started his journey as a dishwasher in Florida, working hard to move up the ranks and make a name for himself. He has a deep interest in both food and the fine arts, and he makes it a point to combine them when he's at work. After Riggenbach's triumphant appearance on Chopped, the chef got busy with an idea that was on his mind, working with fellow chef and Chopped judge Maneet Chauhan to bring it to life.

Brian Riggenbach made his dream come true

Chef Riggenbach worked with Chauhan to come up with the concept for The Mockingbird, a dreamy restaurant in Nashville. As per the brand's official website, The Mockingbird focuses on offering world cuisine, particularly comfort food options. Whether you're after a pork breakfast sandwich or prefer digging into fried chicken with tacos on the side, the restaurant has a little something for everyone. 

As the brand's site explains, Riggenbach has worked hard to make sure that each dish on the menu is vastly different from the rest, giving his customers a chance to sample new flavors. The menu has been designed carefully, keeping in mind that there is plenty of diversity in the country. Riggenbach remains occupied with the restaurant these days and is also active on Instagram, where he gives his fans regular updates on life, food, and more. His last post as of this writing was a picture of a delicious Po' boy from The Mockingbird. Yum.