The Cookware Brand Bobby Flay Swears By

Cooking food like Bobby Flay cooks food is definitely life goals. The guy is amazing, and that's just not our opinion; ask Ina Garten who said of her peer, "He blows me away. He has restaurants all over the world, cookbooks, television shows. I can't imagine how he does it, and he does them all well" (via the Food Network). That's a serious compliment. Honestly, we'd be happy if we could just flip a burger the way the Iron Chef with the most wins does. But alas, for many of us, that's going to take a lot more than just watching Throw Down with Bobby Flay

That said, having the right kitchen equipment might be a step in the right direction. Per Fine Cooking, using pots and pans that are high-quality can make all the difference when you're whipping up your favorite meals. And lucky for us, a few years back around the holidays, Flay took to Instagram to share his favorite brand of cookware. Fair warning, these pots and pans aren't cheap, but this brand definitely offers a set of cookware that will last you a long time — and may even help you master cooking your favorite Flay recipes.  

Flay loves Sardel Italian cookware

Chef Flay's go-to pots and pans are made by Sardel. As he shared on Instagram, "Many of you know about my love affair with Italia so you won't be surprised to hear I'm loving @sardel [cookware]... where they partner with small family businesses in Italy to develop products. I have the full stainless steel set and love it." 

What's so awesome about these shining metal pots and pans that gets Flay excited? We went to the internet to find out, and were surprised by the unanimous feelings owners of Sardel's pots and pans shared. Per the Sardel website, three brothers came together to create high-quality cookware with the goal of making cooking easier and more enjoyable, but they also didn't price out families who can't afford some of the ultra-luxury brands. And everyone seems to love how evenly they heat up and cook your food. 

According to Food & Wine, Sardel pots and pans are crafted from five layers of metal and can handle temperatures up to 480 degrees. But they also note that it's the stainless steel-infused coating and trademark honeycomb pattern at the bottom that makes these pots and pans truly "special," and that separates them from the rest of the competition. Finally, Sardel pans are priced between $75 and $135. They definitely sounds worth the cost to us.