What Is Doodh Soda And What Does It Taste Like?

While doodh soda might not be sold in some American grocery stores, the beverage is made from two beverages that might be sitting in your refrigerator — and even though those beverages share space, some people might not have combined them in the same glass. 

The name provides a hint to one ingredient, since doodh means milk in Hindi. As shared in It's That Simple, a column from Bon Appétit, doodh soda is a simple beverage that combines a lemon-lime soda and milk. Commonly found in Pakistan and India, the beverage is often served on hot days or to break the Ramadan fast. Many people find the flavor combination refreshing, and although some people compare it to a lassi, doodh soda's taste is creamy, sweet, and effervescent, but still lighter than other milk-based beverages.

While recipes can vary, the basic idea is to combine very cold milk, often served with crushed ice, with a lemon-lime beverage like 7-Up or Sprite. Doodh soda can also be customized based on flavor preferences: Some people prefer more milk while others prefer more lemon lime soda.

Basically, the simple ingredients look to quench a thirst, provide a boost of sugar, and make you feel satisfied after just a few sips. Given that doodh soda is often drunk during Ramadan, the beverage is believed to have some soothing benefits after a day of fasting (via Atlas Obscura). Maybe on a hot day, this beverage could also replace your sports drink.

The history of doodh soda

While doodh soda might be a tradition in some cultures, Eater explored how the combination of milk and lemon-lime soda became such a popular beverage. Although other cream-based drinks like lassi are common, the doodha soda has had a longer path to kitchen tables. 

In some ways, the addition of the lemon lime soda can be traced back to the Victorian-era belief that soda water could be medicinal. From ladies' garden parties, where guests found the flavor combination refreshing on hot days, to cyclists who chose to cool off with the milky concoction instead of a heavy beer, doodh soda has been flowing for decades. The carbonated treat has soothed stomachs, provided energy, and overall improved mood for many.

While it appears that doodh soda has evolved from the older versions, the simplicity of the milk and lemon-lime soda seems to satisfy many people even today. Whether it's a tradition, a sweet treat, or just a way to get kids to drink more milk, the reality is that sometimes unlikely ingredients can and do go together. Instead of scoffing at the idea before tasting it, maybe it's time to grab a glass and take a gulp of your own doodh soda.