Seriously Delicious Frappuccinos You Can Make At Home

There's nothing quite like the cold, sweet, pick-me-up of a caffeine-laden Frappuccino on a hot summer day, isn't there? These part coffee, part sweet, and totally Instagram-worthy drinks just have a way of hitting the spot. But there's no reason you need to spend upwards of $4 a drink to enjoy the sweet, sweet satisfaction of a cold coffee confection. 

Luckily, many copycat Frappuccino recipes are surprisingly easy to make at home, slashing the cost to less than half of what it costs at Starbucks or similar drink-dispensing franchises. For instance, Kerry Taylor of SquawkFox learned how to make her own basic, tall Frappuccino for a pretty staggering $0.32, compared to the $3.86 it would have cost her in-store. 

Even if you prefer Frappuccinos with all the extras (like whipped cream, drizzles of syrup and sauce, or special food colorings), you're going to save big when you whip up your own coffee at home. Not to mention, you're at home. No need to even get out of your sweatpants if you don't want to. Sure, making these recipes at home may mean that you may dirty up your blender and a cup or two, but you'll also save yourself the time and hassle of waiting in line or driving through the drive-thru. When you're ready to try your hand at homemade Frappuccinos, start your journey with these tasty options. 

Easy homemade Frappuccino

When you think of a standard Frappuccino as it's been trademarked by Starbucks, all you're really whipping together is milk, ice, espresso powder, and sugar, adding optional whipped cream for garnish. And because this easy Frappuccino recipe is so basic, making it at home is both incredibly accessible and inexpensive. The whole process requires just a few minutes of your time and, in all likelihood, you'll already have most or even all of the ingredients on hand. 

To make this Frappuccino, simply place all the ingredients in a high-speed blender, blend until smooth, garnish with whipped cream, and serve! Yes, it really is that easy — we weren't kidding.

Because this is the "base model" Frappuccino, there are also lots of ways to mix things up and personalize your "order." For instance, change the type of milk you use, add more or less sugar, or use syrups or sauces for additional flavor. The only thing holding you back is your own imagination.

Starbucks copycat Vanilla Bean Crème Frappuccino

It may surprise you to learn that not all of Starbucks' Frappuccino's contain coffee. In fact, practically all of Starbucks' crème drinks are inherently coffee-free, unless you ask the barista to add in a caffeinated ingredient. This basically makes them more akin to a milkshake, while skipping the ice cream in favor of proprietary syrup blends. If you're trying to avoid caffeine and still want an occasional sweet treat, this isn't a bad way to go.

If you want the mimic the flavor of the Vanilla Bean Crème Frappuccino while using just three ingredients, look no further than this copycat Vanilla Bean Crème Frappuccino recipe. All you need is melted vanilla bean ice cream, ice, and whipped cream. Put the ice and ice cream in a blender, let the blender do its thing, then pour them into your glass before topping with whipped cream. The result may be a bit looser than the original Starbucks version, which won't affect the taste at all. If you can't get past the difference in texture, add a little xanthan gum to your blender to create a thicker, smoother consistency.  

Starbucks copycat Unicorn Frappuccino

When you're ready to take your homemade Frappuccino-making skills to the next level, look no further than this copycat Unicorn Frappuccino recipe. Admittedly, the ingredient list is long and includes some potentially surprising additions like colorful and sour Fun Dip, slices of mango, and white chocolate chips. That all sounds pretty delicious, though this means you'll definitely need to make a run to the grocery store before you whip one up. 

But don't let the shopping list get to you. The whole process will only take you about 20 minutes to make. Okay, that's a lot longer than the other Frappuccino copycat recipes on this list, but it's not so bad if you're ready to impress people with your kitchen wizardry. Just as the original Unicorn Frappuccino was here one day and gone the next, this recipe is good as a special treat (maybe as a birthday gift for a special someone) rather than an everyday essential. 

McDonald's copycat Mocha Frappe

Technically, McDonald's Frappes aren't Frappuccinos, but that's just because the name "Frappuccino" is a Starbucks trademark. For all other intents and purposes, the McDonald's Frappe is the same idea, just with a slightly different and legally distinct title. And just as Starbucks' Frappuccinos are easy to make on your own at home, so too are McDonald's Frappes. 

The one key thing to keep in mind, though, if you plan on making this recipe for a copycat Mocha Frappe, is that you need to make and freeze your coffee the night before. By using frozen coffee cubes, instead of ice cubes, you keep the frappe from gaining that dreaded watered-down consistency. And if you make enough frozen coffee ice cubes, you'll always have them on hand to whip up this drink. To make coffee ice cubes, simply pour any leftover coffee from your morning brew into an ice cube tray and let it freeze. Easy! That's also pretty darn handy, since fixing the rest of this copycat drink in your blender only takes five minutes, and requires no more than milk, sugar, and hot chocolate powder for Frappe greatness. 

Copycat Starbucks Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino

For a truly decadent homemade Frappuccino copycat recipe, look no further than this recipe for a Starbucks Mocha Cookie Crumble Frap. The drink starts off more or less the same as the McDonald's Mocha Frappe copycat — remember to use those frozen coffee cubes rather than plain old ice cubes, to keep your drink cold but avoid watering it down. 

You'll also have the added ingredient of Oreo cookies to really take the flavor of this caffeinated treat to the next level. Once you've blended your coffee, milk, hot chocolate powder, sugar, and Oreo cookies together, simply pour your drinks into three separate glasses, then top with whipped cream, chocolate syrup, and a few more crumbles of Oreo cookie. A cute straw puts just the right finish to this drink. It may not be your everyday coffee go-to, but this copycat recipes makes an excellent option when you want to treat yourself, perhaps before pulling an all-nighter for school or work.